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Veer Nari Bina spreading soulful living through Anand Yoga centre

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It was a happy life for Bina, wife of Flight Lieutenant Subramaniam Muhilan from Belagavi. Both were happy in their married life and with their son Dhruv. But fate had something else in store for her. Her husband sacrificed his life fighting for the nation.

On 28 May 99, Flt Lt Muhilan was captaining the Mi-17 helicopter during an attack mission against ground positions strongly held by Pakistani infiltrators in the Drass sector. He skillfully maneuvered his Mi-17 helicopter and repeatedly carried out attacks in the face of fierce enemy opposition in the form of ground fire and missiles. Unfortunately his helicopter was downed by a U.S made Stinger SAM(surface to air missile).

It was very tough time for Bina, who lost her husband in just a few years to her marriage. Their son Dhruv, was then the reason in her life and during those hard times she realized that Spiritual seeking would bring true meaning to her life.

Beena Muhilan sitting on the Right
Beena Muhilan sitting on the Right, Nayeem Shaikh sitting in front row on the right along with Rudra

Bina’s search for truth began as a very young girl. She was fed up good and bad, right and wrong there was something more than this duality. Her search made her go through Books of Vivekanand, Maharishi Maheshwari Yogi, Vipassana for three years, finally she got her answer from Sirshree, because her inquisitive mind couldn’t do with bhakti without knowledge and knowledge of truth in today’s application what changed the perception. Hence the journey from individual I to universal I began.

Out of gratitude towards her guru and to be part of the motto of TGF (Tej Gyan Foundation) to create highly evolved society she created a place Anand yoga center. Following the new path she found purpose and has embarked on a journey towards self-realization.

She also runs a Anand Yoga centre at her residence on Mandoli Road, Belagavi where she is facilitating sessions of Yoga, ‘Garbha Sanskar’ which literally means ‘education in the womb’. It is traditionally believed that a child’s mental and behavioral development starts as soon as he is conceived.

Anand Yoga centre belagavi
Anand Yoga centre Mandoli Road Belagavi

Nayeem Shaikh (35), a yoga expert who teaches yoga to army men at Maratha Light infantry regimental centre(MLIRC), Shivkumar Rudraxi (36) native of Bagalkote another yoga teacher who have taught Yoga to Thai people in Bangkok for past 9 years and Ayurvedic doctor Dr Jyoti More who gives sessions on Ayurvedic measures to be taken pre-natal pregnancy have joined Bina to conduct all these sessions under one roof. She now runs a Anand yoga center at Mandoli road a place Dedicated for spiritual growth.

Yoga, body massage, foot reflexology and Garbh Sanskar workshops have been planned to create common platform for everyone’s growth where a healthy and calm body mind is crucial to support one’s spiritual journey.

Bina says

We want people to embrace the role of yoga in their daily lives to make them strong for their spiritual journey. In Ayurveda, one can impart the wisdom to the baby before it’s birth like How lord Krishna taught to Abhimanyu in Mahabharata.

Already 150 persons are taking the benefits of these sessions from learned professionals. I look after my business and have been successfully running the petrol pump for years now. Dhruv has also grown up and now I have time for my self to spread some happiness to others in otherwise a very stressful life style.

Nayeem Shaikh, the Yoga teacher said ‘religion never become hurdle to learn the good things. Many Muslim’s have accepted the yoga and practices it in their home. Yoga has become a Universal exercise to lead happy and healthy life he said.

Bina adds,

Anand Yoga centre is an unique vastu for yoga and meditation as it is almost at the fag end of the city and surrounded by greenery. One can can hear birds chirping around you while you do the yoga and this makes the yoga session more blissful, soothing and relaxing.

Anand yoga, Watve estate, Mandoli Road, Tilakwadi, Belagavi.
Contact 9448267440,9008926760

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  1. Bina you are great inspiration to all youth. The energy and enthusiasm you have for yoga is mesmerising.
    I wish you success in all your endeavour.


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