Shiv Shrushti repairs would commence soon

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It is only the Govt which can afford repairs to a musical fountain and other systems installed at the Shiv Shrushti at Shivaji Garden, even before they have been used.

The equipment was fixed but never used and then with time it has become useless and now new equipment will have to be installed and some re work will have to be done to make this Shiv Shrushti get back to life.

In the fortnight the maintenance work will commence and for the entire music and voice show to be ready it would take another couple of months at least.

shiv-shrushtiPingale audio systems Pune will now work on the project and this time we hope this project is completed and inaugurated as the last time it was stopped just after elections.

There were stories that Rajnikant would be invited to inaugurate this in 2015, but it was like a day dream.

Suddenly in April this year the Corporators decided to inaugurate it even when work was not complete.

Work started in November 2012 by the BUDA but for reasons known to BUDA alone they did not get the work done.

Some say the project is delayed due to political affinities, as the project was very dear to former MLA Abhay Patil but as he lost the assembly elections, the progress of this project started in reverse mode.

The work stopped, the laser fountain, sound system everything was in place by October 2013, but the project was delayed, for reasons only known to BUDA as it is doing the said project.

This could have been a very nice spot for the citizens which would have shown the younger generations the stories of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Now we just hope this time it will be inaugurated will all its grandeur as planned.

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