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Shops robbed again why scores of robberies

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In the past few months, the number of housebreaks and shop robberies reported has increased more than two folds.

Just see this as a trailer; on Sunday 2 shops near millennium gardens were robbed for about Rs.50 thousand. On Monday the Universal store at Kadolkar galli was looted for again the similar amount.

Almost everyday these incidents are happening in town and citizens are now worried as to what is the police doing in this matter and why is that suddenly such incidents are on a rise. I do not have the complete list of robberies as of now but the number in the recent past is alarming.

See Deshmukh road alone, three shops were looted a few days back, which included Purohit sweet shop, a few days later the Nokia showroom at the beginning of Shukurwar peth was robbed for. Police station is less than 150 meters from the spot but still the robbers are free doing their job.

Private security agencies have a very good business ins this time and to add a black spot to them as well, allegedly a security guard himself looted in a college recently.

In all the citizens need to be more vigil and protect their own property.

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