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Shut shops early

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After the recent incidents of violence and attacks of one group on another the Belgaum police is asking all shops to shut early. The recent one was a clash between two groups in which they broke glasses of an auto and also beat up the driver.

All hotels, shops etc were asked to close by 9.30pm. On Tuesday all shops including pharmacies were asked to closed down at 9.30pm.

Today the SP is meeting with the Cinema hall owners and the fate of the 9pm show will be decided. It is most likely that the night show will be canceled.

The police have a made a list 160 odd people identified people who have been found to be trouble makers.

Barricading is also being done by the police and vehicles are being checked at night. Night patrol and even police presence can be seen during the day time at various locations.

On Monday all hotels were closed at 9 which caused a lot of hardships for people coming in from other places.

Closing of shops/commercial establishments early is not new to people of Belgaum as even earlier the police have taken the same stand during the past years.


15 thoughts on “Shut shops early”

  1. This only shows the inefficiency of police, can SP let us know the logic behind it. if tommorrow something happens in norming or afternoon will he going to close the market at 11 in morning. He must understand all the people get time only after 6 pm and as such the peak hours for business of hotels, cinema halls and pan shops r in night. He may be getting his salary in time but they have to earn daily. This decision is just absurd and not in accordance to an IPS calibre.

  2. Closing shops early is not a solution to this kind of issue. Earlier similar decision was taken when the murder took place at the fort lake. There has to be a effective solution in controlling such situations. Closing down at 9:30 is like taking away the social life of people who finish work late in the evening.

  3. WTF!!!! this is jus the incompetency……wat has got closing of the city got to do with the crimes…the crimes will happen no matter wat..instead of closing the city, they shud concentrate on controllin the crime!

  4. True such acts expose the incompetency of police… why not the local elected folks are doing anything to stop this? We see them up in arms for every small petty things… but when it comes to civic policing and good of community hardly any MLA/MP takes the lead…… or is it that the elected representatives behind these incidents?

  5. unfair at 9pm wat …..???
    Come on SP think wise instead of closing at 9 make ur copz work more better
    u proving u can't give more safety by making close at 9pm :@
    its India were ppl dreaming of women walking alone @10pm alone wit safely u speaking of closing Belgaum at 9pm Great Belgaum police
    hats off to u:@

  6. This is such a regressive step! Closing bars on particular days when violence is expected is as much as can be tolerated. Crimes are being committed everyday-small and big. Stepping up intelligence information and acting upon it seems to be the need of the hour , not asking people to disappear from the streets!

    • Very true Police should rely more on intelligence & this is the only way to have control. May be they can have better informers within the civil society & should act based on the information gathered.

  7. After some days they may ask to close averythng at 8….Cancelling the night show is not good idea…it will be huge loss to theatre owners. Also most of the ppl prefer to go for dinner after 9.30 only…SP sir think again…

  8. Hey hold on good people…what could the poilce force do if the citizens are not willing to co-operate? On one hand the big shots (read politicians) want to create this mess for political reasons and incite uneducated people to do crime (they even pay jobless uneducated poor people to do the crime in the name of religion/region etc) and on the other hand they want the police to control the situation (they want the police to arrest some innocent people not at all related to the incident and make them confess)…This shouldn't so new for Belgaumites to understand? Hello…wake up honest citizens if you want your freedom (keep the cinema, malls open late) then stop support these rotten politicians.

    • I totally agree with you, otherwise why we need police with salaries given them only to maintain & order situation, let police be not afraid of trouble makers but they shoulle be afraid of law enforcing bodies – i think our great police got enough ideas by now through various comments

  9. Mr. SP. I believe that your predecessor, who was a lady, was very much capable of maintaining law and order effectively during her tenure. Yes – I am taikking abt Sonia Narang.

    • The lady you are refering to is a Punjabi. Punjabis both males & females are inheriently violent too professional ,too tactful & lack sentiments .This is observation based on my stay in Punjab & harayana
      regions.My work area was Ambala,Jajjar,Chandigarh. A Punjabi female has the strength to wack two
      South Indian males ( She is strong in mind & physic) :)))))))))))).

  10. The post does not indicate the following :-

    1. Which faction is indulging in Violence ?
    2. Whether it is political or any other violence?
    3.What is reason behind this Violence?

    Belgaum people are labelled as civilized and having a good civic sense . This post has created confusion
    and puzzled our belgaum Mozambique collegues.


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