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Now traffic island at Sanchayani Circle

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The Belgaum traffic police which had put temporary dividers on 01-04-2011 has now put up a temporary traffic island and permanent dividers are also being installed at the circle.

The work has already begun on the same.

Temporary traffic island at Sanchayani Circle

AAB had first posted on March 29, 2011 AAB had carried a story on the same “Sanchayani Circle could be life taker”.

Then temporary dividers were put up and now the permanent ones are on their way. As the traffic island which as of now is of a temporary nature but it will also be converted into a permanent structure in some time.sanchayani1

By doing this traffic flow from Bogarves towards Camp would be easy.


8 thoughts on “Now traffic island at Sanchayani Circle”

  1. I believe the location should move a little more towards Bogarves circle to provide a smoother path for people moving from bogarves to camp.


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