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Shuttle bus service to Belagavi airport canceled

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By uday

In June 2022, after significant pressure, a Shuttle bus service was introduced from Belagavi railway station to the Belagavi Sambra airport. However, it is regrettable to inform you that this service has been discontinued by NWKRTC after just one year.

The bus, adorned with Rail to Air branding, was operating on the CBT to Ramteerth Nagar route, which is a new trunk route.

NWKRTC has stated that a new service has been initiated from Belagavi CBT on the Ring route, and due to a shortage of vehicles, the bus previously utilized for the Rail to Air service has been reassigned. Consequently, the Rail to Air bus service has been canceled. However, once additional vehicles become available in the near future, efforts will be made to reinstate this rail-to-air transportation service upon request.

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It is worth noting that the bus service initially experienced a positive response from the public, but unfortunately, it was abruptly withdrawn without any prior notification.

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