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Urban local body elections ie. City corporation elections are due to be held on March 7, and Feb 23 is the last day for filing nominations.
In a democracy each citizen has to vote at the same time each candidate must come and tell the public, in this case; his ward members what he will do when he is elected and why should people vote for him?
In a democracy each citizen has to vote at the same time each candidate must come and tell the public, in this case; his ward members what he will do when he is elected and why should people vote for him?

This forum will try and bridge the gap between the voters and the candidates to an extent and all the contesting candidates are requested to fill out the form mentioned and we will publish it on our site which is your direct access to the people of Belgaum.

Here is the beginning..

Ward No:16


Emaiul/ Contact[email protected]
Education DetailsB.Sc.,LL.B.(Spl.)
Assets/Laibilities as declaredNil
Criminal cases as declared (if any)Nil
Things you promise to do in your ward1)To curb Castesim
& make Oneness & Secularism.2)To enhance the Belgaum-Roads & make Transport Smooth.3)To have the Water-System-Sufficient to all Areas Equally.4)To Prioritize Education in the Respective Area to the Best.

5)Maintaining Sanitation-System in a Cryogenic-Way.

6)To stop the Land-Scams in the Respective Areas.

7)To address the People & their needs & Ideas to Execute.

8)Will make the Plans in Action rather than Discussions.

Why should people vote for youMyself being a
YOUNG & DYNAMIC-Advocate by well educated & know
how to present the Matter & get the work executed at the soonest
& efficiently,moreover I was selected as the General-Secretary of
entire-GSS-College and worked the best to get the college
4-Star-NAAC-Grading, have completed my NCC-A,B,C-Certificate in A-Grade
as the Senior Under-Officer,so also am thrice Mr.Belgaum in Modelling,
University in Body-Building,Tetotaller,Legal-Advisor for
Precious-Blossoms School.I am a Multi-Dimensional-Personality & am good at networking with
various types of People. If am elected as the CORPORATOR, I will
deliver my best services to the Society making a Healthy n

16 thoughts on “Siddharthraje Sawant ward 16 My ward My Neta”


    All the best for upcoming elections..keep going..

    Our Belgaum needs people like SIDDHARTHRAJE.

    I would just like to make some remarks on your promises

    1. To curb Castesim & make Oneness & Secularism
    Remarks : Being a “Nagarsevak” this is really a good move, just for information “secular” is a word taken in Indian Constitution with amendment at the time of Emergency, now it is a instrument used to undermine the Hindu Identity of Bharat and to erase its glorious and most ancient civilization.

    Rest all promises are worthy and if followed with a passion as i believe, The problem with promises is that once you’ve made one, it’s bound to be broken. It’s like an unspoken cosmic rule.

  2. Dear Sundarji…..well to add up to ur gud-words….infact the Belgaum Muncipal Corporation wzz twice being Dissolved for sum or other Reason..likewise hindu-muslim…kannada-marathi also y do we c Belgaum in Kar or Mah….after all we all r humans n belong to once class n thts Humanity & our Nation is India… to gett bonded to all…i want to b on the Post…by getting elected by ur all valuable Votes….n execute my planzz into actionz….!!!Jai Hind…!!!

    • Dear siddharthraje sawant, I appreciate your views which are above regional and linguistic colors.Belgaum needs development as you rightly indicate.Hopefully many more like you are elected to the corporation.My best wishes to you.

  3. Good to see Siddharth participating in the municipal elections. I remember him from my college days at G.S.S. I am sure he will bring new thoughts and much needded activeness in the corporation. Now is the time to say good bye to oldies who win election only in the name religion and caste, hardly do anything to the betterment of the city.
    All the best:)

    • Dear…Mudassar…..thnx for remembering me… the GS….i hailed the GSS-College…high…moving ahead…nw more qualified….n being a Lawyer…by Profession…..i want to hail my WARD-AREA-HIGH…..making Belgaum…..more beautiful…n pleasant…..!!!

  4. Just want to ask Mr. Siddharth Raje .. Whatz the reason behind creating an email ID as legalgod??? Its highly appreciable that u r the first one to accept the invitation to post your manifesto open to public ..Thanks to Uday for initiating this idea …

    • Dear Rupa….well i am an open minded person… am open for fresh thoughts… am here… make my thoughts reach to people….n b productive to the society @ large…….well abut my email id….i had created it well b4 whnzz i tuk admission in 1st Yr…LL.B.(Spl.)…..LEGALGOD…..came into my mind….as i want to b the master of LAW…..!!!n the well-polished citizen of my Country….!!!Jai Hind…..!!!

  5. VOTE for “CROWN”-My Symbol is “CROWN”the King….Advocate.Siddharthraje Sureshraje Sawant (Ward No-16)-(Hindwadi-Anandwadi & Saraf-Colony)…Jai…Hind….!!!

  6. Hey dude Congrats 4 being selected as d Candidate of d Corporation Election. I jst wanna clear some of ma doubts dat r revolving around ma mind. 1 ) Is it true dat yo own family is against u regarding dis election ?
    2) according 2 d rumours being an Sophisticated Advocated yo goin on wit some personal cunningness pranks abt d election
    3 ) But am damn sure dat let anytin interrupts yo gonna score atleast 2 digits numbers nd prove yo identity in yo society.

    • @ Siddharth Malusare—thnx for ur gud wishes…..well am a sportsman….n contesting with true spirits… the most deserving candidate…rest are rumuors…..Jai Hind….!!!

  7. To all Readers here:-

    Now is the time to do the right thing at the right place by electing Siddharthraje S Sawant(Crown) for Ward Number 16-Belgaum Corporation Elections 2013.

    Reason being:-

    * He is Young,Dynamic,Having Realistic Approach
    * Understand the voice of Poor & Needy.
    * Learned Advocate
    * All rounder personality knowing something about everything
    * Action Oriented
    * Energetic at work
    * High Dreams-Realistic
    * Straight Forward & fighting towards the right always.
    * Open to People/Friendly

    Its only the start with him, just needs an runway to fly, once done no one can catch his vision.

    The Future is in Young spirits. Realize it before its all to late we go in wrong hands & then suffer.

    Note : This is not a promotion, but an information of reality going on in the world of .

    Awake /Arise & let the right leader lead you ahead.


    Suryaraje S Sawant
    Citizen of India


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