Renu Killekar Ward no. 32 My ward My Neta

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Ward No:32
Emaiul/ Contact[email protected]
ProfessionSocial Worker
Education DetailsB.Sc
Assets/Laibilities as declaredResidential
house,two wheeler and 100 gold gram Jewelery
Criminal cases as declared (if any)Nil
Things you promise to do in your ward1) provide 24×7
drinking water supply

2) all cement roads

3) good drainage system

4) public relations

5) all govt facilities like handicap, old age and widow pensions

6) all Marathi linguistic minority facilities

7) will be solve all types of women problems

8) to make peace and harmony in Belgaum city

9) try to solve the border dispute

10) work for all mi dale class people

Why should people vote for youPublic relations

Aggressive women candidate in Belgaum city corporation

To raise the issue of Belgaum women issues in corporation

4 thoughts on “Renu Killekar Ward no. 32 My ward My Neta”

  1. Mam u have good thoughts in developing Belgaum.. but ur doing politics in languages too.. why oly marathi?????? try to give equality for all human being from ur ward nor marathi people… Dont distiguish between Kannada and Marathi.. please…


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