Skywalk proposed near CBT circle

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The Belagavi smart city Limited has made a proposal to setup a SKYWALK to ease traffic congestion at the Central Bus stand circle.

A meeting regarding the same was held in the corporation and was chaired by the CEO of Belagavi smart city Limited Sashidhar Kerur.

The TRACTEBEL ENGINEERING Pvt. Ltd (earlier Lahmeyer International India Private Limited) who is the project consultant made a presentation on how the Skywalk would ease congestion at the circle.

File Photo Courtesy UdayVani

The main aim here is to divert the walking public from the Skywalk from the Central Bus stand towards Khade Bazar, City Bus stand and Towards the Cantonment Vegetable market.

The discussion which is in its preliminary stages and the entire cost is expected is Rs.31 crores.

Skywalk is actually a platform with a tube mounted on it. The platform supported with many pillars pave all the way through with the existing road below. The tube mounted platform is said to twist and turn and adapt to the street below. For dynamism, fluidity, and modularity in its architecture the oldest approach in design, that of Form Follows Function is adopted with modern components and elements.

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