SLAM- Traffic Awareness Rally

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Members of SLAM-Saving Lives And More, Belagavi conducted their first Traffic Awareness Drive at Belagavi on 17th Feb 2017.

As part of this initiative of KLE Society’s College of Commerce Jakkeri Hond, students and faculty wearing helmets walked on RPD College Road, Tilakwadi and talked to various individuals who were found to be violating traffic rules. The initiative focussed on the issues of helmet usage, rash riding, underage driving, use of mobile phones and earphones while riding and triple seated riding.

slamEvery year we unfortunately have at least 10 to 15 deaths because of traffic rule violations in the city and the count of people seriously injured may not even be available.

Citizens from Belagavi are requested to reach out to the SLAM team to help us in our effort.

Students and faculty of the College will be conducting similar drives across the year in an attempt to educate people regarding the associated risks. The group will especially focus on awareness generation among the youth and parents.

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