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Husband’s Love keeps this Cancer patient going ahead in life

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Laxmi, daughter of agricultural labourer and part time night security guard, life was full of hardships but she managed to get herself a decent job in marketing company. Then when she was thinking of her life ahead she has a shock of her life when she started to feel pain in her abdomen. First few months she just ignored it but when she was shown to a private clinic and after a few tests the Doctors confirmed that she had blood Cancer.

All her dreams were shattered. Her Love, Vishnu Ingali who was working as a colleague with her in the marketing company in Gokak was her biggest fear. Laxmi on purpose had a quarrel with him and stopped all communication with Vishnu for a couple of months. She did want to bother Vishnu about her illness, but always smiled for the world with the pain in her heart.

laxmi cancer survivorHer hopes for survival were minimal and hence her decision to stay away from Vishnu were normal but life is magic box filled with surprises. No one knows what is in store for you in it.

Vishnu too was amazed the way Laxmi was not responding to him or even communicating, hence one day he happened to see Laxmi in the hospital and there he realized why she was behaving in such a manner.

By this time her illness had grown further and her parents were facing a hard time to meet the medical expenses.
She once said to her Father,
Why are you wasting so much money on me, it wont help I will die soon.

Laxmi started avoiding Vishnu when he tried to meet her at the hospital, as she felt that he was emotional and will not tolerate her end.

Vishnu, who is basically of Bhendwad village in Raibag taluk, was shocked to see the Pale thin Laxmi in the hospital. He used to visit the hospital almost daily, but Laxmi used to always avoid speaking to him.

At this time Vishnu made up his mind and spoke to her and proposed her and said
Lets get married.

Doctors also thought that as Laxmi was losing her will power she was going weaker. Taking advice from the Doctor Vishnu finalized a date for his marriage with Laxmi with a doctors rider ofcourse; she should not be pregnant, as it would be life threatening for her.

Vishnu’s parents who was their only son opposed this marriage terming it as suicide. It was on 10-10-2014, Vishnu got married to Laxmi who is life long dependent on medicines for survival.

Laxmi can anytime need doctor due to which Vishnu has shifted along with her in a rented house at Belagavi. He works as a marketing executive in a private insurance company at Gokak due to which he has to travel 160 km a day twice a week from Belagavi to his office.

Now the real fight in the life had begun. Vishnu had to meet Laxmi’s medical expenses for which he travels once in two months to Bengaluru for collecting free medicines under a special scheme. He said that Laxmi has to travel once in a year to Bengaluru for signing there, for renewing that scheme. He informed that in an average the expenses required for Laxmi is about Rs 6000 per month.

Laxmi says

Every moment I spend with Vishnu, is like living a thousand years happy life

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  1. Vishnu you are great, you have shown worth full love on your lady and God bless to you both have a happy Life And don’t Afraid of anything just be Happy

  2. I being a doctor . Can i know what type of cancer she has. Weather its curable or no? There are many hospital who give free cancer treatment like tata in mumbai,sai hospital , etc

  3. Love indeed is with the soul, not with the body!
    Hats off to this marvelous couple! Vishnu and Laxmi I am speechless. Got goosebumps after reading the article.
    They have set an example to this society.

  4. According to me cancer is curable only the
    Things you to do is proper diet,good environment positive thinking and hygienic lifestyle
    Take carrot juice daily morning
    Orange a day
    Seeta phal a day


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