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Smart City: Integrated Command and Control Center: Coordination Meeting

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RFID has already been placed on 1,12,669 properties in the city of Belagavi. When the trash collector uses a mandatory tag reader, the exact information of the respective household garbage collection is available. District Collector MG Hiremath instructed officials to use a tag reader when collecting garbage.

He was speaking at a coordination meeting on Tuesday (Sept. 14) at the state-of-the-art Integrated Command and Control Center at Visveshwaraiah Nagar built under the Smart City Project.

Every city must collect garbage from the house and garbage sorting must be strict. So the already implemented R.F.I.D. More than 300 readers have been distributed under the Smart City project for tag scan. City corporation must use the same.

Smart City Command and Control Center, including Citizen Mobile App, should be promoting the services available to citizens.

The public will often download “My Belagavi Citizen App” for quick redressal on various departmental grievances.

Police, Transport, city corporation, Health and Fire departments should take advantage of the sophisticated facilities at the Command Center to provide better services to the citizens, DC M.G. Hiremath said.

Facilities will be handed over to all concerned departments after the completion of all Smart City project. He said all departments should take advantage of the command center in coordination with each other.

Dr Praveena Bagewadi, Managing Director of Belagavi Smart City, speaking on the occasion, explained the amenities, including the park, pools, hospital buildings and digital panels developed under the Smart City project have been handed over to the city administration.

He added that the sophisticated facilities available at the Integrated Command and Control Center, developed under the Smart City Plan, will provide better services to the public, including the police, transport, city policing, health and other departments.

Dr Praveena Bagewadi said that concerned departments can take advantage of this and provide quality services to the citizens quickly.

Dr Vikram Amathe, deputy police commissioner, said that in the course of the criminal case, some services of the Command Center for Traffic Violence and Traffic Problems were modified to facilitate the police department.

He added that CCTV footage needs to be integrated with the RTO and Police Department’s current surveillance system to enable them to monitor vehicles.

Dr Vikram Amathe said that there is a separate control room for 112 (ERS) to facilitate emergency police service and that technicians should work in tandem with both centers to provide this service more quickly.

Sneha PV, Deputy Police Commissioner of Crime and Traffic, added that the facilities at the command center will be used in conjunction with some of the existing systems for traffic control and crime detection.

She suggested making some modifications to make MobileApp citizen-friendly.

Commissioner City Corporation Dr Rudresh Ghali said measures would be taken to ensure adequate and efficient use of the system handed over to the city.

Command Center functions:

The GPS is equipped with 62 buses in the city to provide accurate information about bus traffic.

The display panel and bus schedule are installed in 10 bus shelters. WiFi is provided in seven bus shelters.

Smart City Managing Director Dr Praveen Bagewadi explained that the GPS-enabled 62 buses can be accessed through Citizen App.

The facility will be extended to all routes in the coming days.

Intelligent Pole

The Intelligent Pole is implemented in nine locations in the city. This includes CCTV, air pollution information and a panic button to facilitate emergencies. Trained personnel of the relevant department, including police, metropolitan police, are stationed at the Control Center.

He said the Green Corridor system could also be created in case of elite traffic, ambulance and other emergencies.

Smart Water:

The chlorine analysis, pH meter insertion, a bulk flow meter is installed which can be used in the city of Belgaum after the continuous implementation of the water supply scheme.

Some information is currently being shared with the Water Supply Board by the Command Center.

In addition, solid waste management and garbage disposal are monitored. Garbage disposal vehicles are also monitored by GPS.

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“My Belagavi” Citizen Mobile App:

Government Services, Bus Traffic, Bus Stations, Weather, Proximity, Complaint Cell and other amenities are installed in “My Belagavi” Mobile App.

When any departmental complaint is lodged in the App, the relevant Department’s Field Officers are informed. They will take action to alleviate the complaint.

Dr Praveena Bagewadi explained that this app is useful for providing immediate information in case of police, fire hazard, accident, transport problem and other emergencies.

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  1. It is appreciated that the authorities are implementing latest technologies to improve the services. But , it is very sad to note that some of the projects are in a very bad shape even after 4-5 years of the project taking off.
    eg : the mandoli road , which has been abondoned mid way , putting the common man in great difficulty.
    The authorities could do wonders if the menace of corruption is totally stopped.
    Take the example of Ahmedabad & Nagpur. Study the planned development & atleast adopt a small percentage in our city.
    Our.leaders should have the will to make belagavi a model city in the state.

  2. Some plot in sadashivnagar double road which is meant to be public park area, there builders are building appartments. Even after submitting application letter against such illegal activities, no action is being taken by the corporation of Belagavi.

  3. I request the commissioner to visit DMart (Nehru nagar) Belagavi road once so that he will understand the problems people face there. The road is very narrow and many people face problems in that area. Widening of that road is required.


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