Smart city officials meet but no work in progress

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Belagavi lags behind in Smart city implementation, well there is nothing new to this story but today (Monday) a meeting was held at the CADA office wherein all the officials MP, MLAs and other citizens of the group were present.

The MD of Belagavi Smart city limited M P Mullai Muhilan was taken to task by all the elected representatives irrespective of the political background.

smart-meetMP Suresh Angadi said that Still no work has commenced under the smart city project. We have been only meeting and meeting but not even a brick has moved on the ground which is very shameful.

MLA Feroz Saith said only having board and office does not make a city smart, the projects have to be implemented.

In all it was again one of those meetings where nothing actually was executed.

Belagavi was selected in Round 1 of the competition of Smart cities.

The entire smart project for Belagavi is 3,535 crores, in which 1,656 for area based development and 1,879 crores is for Total Pan City Solutions.

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  1. Smart city only on paper nobody including political leader’s are not serious.Removinvg the shops on basement is only the tamasha .but police authority taking Steps on the vehicle parked on the roadside. We the members of two wheeler owners association will be blocking all the roads in the market.if the corporation not taking Steps to remove basement shops.

  2. “Smart city officials meet but no work in progress”
    The headline says all that government is really doing.
    Create schemes
    Have useless meetings
    Squeeze as much from the project
    Tax the people till bones are cracked

  3. People of Belagavi have lots of expectation from Smart City project. I urge all the stakeholders to take this task with all positive determination and help Nama Belagavi to become more beautiful.

  4. This is all politics MLA & MPs irrespective of their parties belonging must unite together to implement smart city project with pride. After so many decades Belgaum has got chance to make it super class city however our politicians must come together keeping aside their differences.


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