Smart city Project no 11 Shelter for stray cattle


The Belagavi smart city limited has floated tender for its project no.11 namely , rehabilitation shelter for stray cattle in Belagavi city.

The estimated cost of this project is 64,28,589.29 and time alloted for completion is 6 months.

There are hundreds of stray cattle across Belagavi and they do not get proper care once they stop giving milk. Cows that have stopped giving milk are routinely driven out to the streets, where they forage on garbage.

Cattle sitting on the road at Sanchayani Circle Belagavi
Cattle sitting on the road at Sanchayani Circle Belagavi

With this project this issue of stray cattle can be overcome.

How ever this project was not mentioned in the draft proposal of the smart city project.

The rehabilitation centre would be built near NH4 on the highway.


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