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We all are caged in the matrix of the Internet. Your every move, interest, location, shopping, and traveling trends are monitored by these companies on an individual basis. These trillion dollar companies have very little staff and massive supercomputers controlled by artificial intelligence and algorithms derived from human neuropsychological behavior.

They want you to get hooked on social media as long as possible, increase your friend list to capture more market. What you like, what you prefer immediately comes on the screen, tailor-made for every individual increasing your levels of addiction.

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This is a slow poison to change your perception, thoughts, and even behavior leading to more hatred, polarization, and even radicalization in some cases.

The advertisements which peep in between your social media account is not for a single day, it is their marketing strategy to change your mindset and persuade you to buy more expensive products beyond your pocket and necessity.

It is nothing but forced marketing which changes your regional food habits, buying trends, vacation destinations leading to the suppression of our local industries.

The COVID-19 pandemic gave a boom to these internet companies and social media. Unfortunately, children got mobiles and laptops prematurely in their hands making them prone to complex addictions. At a tender age, they are rusting their intelligence, thinking power, and imagination. In the long term, this can make them frustrated and psychologically unstable youngsters living in a world of illusions. In the US suicide rates have jumped more than 184 % in teenagers after social media captured the world.

Spreading false news, building false perceptions with the help of social media influencers can create unstable societies, hatred, and communal riots. This is enough to spoil relationships between families and friends creating a rift in society.
It is well known that enemy countries influence the election outcomes in other countries for their own vested interests. Videos of anti-mask and anti-vaccine campaigners in the COVID-19 pandemic have gone viral in the media fooling people and filling the pockets of campaigners.

This is a negative side of technology, but if social media starts controlling every aspect of our decisions, in another 10-20 years, humans may become individualistic, self-centered, selfish, and mentally unstable. Humanity will be destroyed before any war, pandemic, climate change, or an asteroid collision.
The time may come for a campaign


About the Author:
Dr Sameer Suresh Ambar
MD, DM (Cardiology), FACC, FESC
Consultant and Interventional Cardiologist Belagavi.


  1. Very correct sir. But many advantages too. I think eventually people will become aware of these ill-effects & become more wise in handling technology. Surely we need to have a control on its use by children.

  2. The false narratives, creating false perceptions and maligning anyone who one does not like is all happening now. If people do not wake up now, no one will need external enemies. Social Media has become a cloud of deceit, hatred and lies. Very toxic. There have to be repercussions for spreading lies and abusing.


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