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Soil-Less Farming is the new trend – Modern Ponics

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More than ever, people across the world are becoming more conscious about what they are consuming and better sensitized to how the products they are consuming are being produced. Hydroponics is a technology where we grow all sort of plants using only water and perhaps this technology is not new but was used in Egypt since ancient times.

In Belagavi four friends who are graduates from different streams came together and found this to be a very good business opportunity. In August 2015 Sagar Waghmare, Umesh Pawar, Deepak Kumar and Rohit Sovani started Modern Ponics in Belagavi with a vision to ideas for future food. In Belagavi hardly few people are aware about this technology.

modern-ponics-belagaviSpeakign to AAB Sagar said, “It so happened that when we told people that we grow vegetables only on water, people used to laugh on us.”

So as Modern Ponics our first task was to create awareness about hydroponic and besides our office they setup a a small demo where a lot of vegetables are grown.

modern-ponics-belagaviTill now we have harvested vegetables like Cauliflower, tomatoes, Ridge gourd, Bitter gourd , Egg plant (Vangi), spinach (Palak), Amranthus (lal Bhaji), Methi also we have taking few of the exotic vegetables like Polchoi, Lettuce, Celary etc.

Modern ponics has developed systems of Hydroponics, aquaponics and aeroponics. Also in future they have a plan to start hydroponic vegetable shop in Belagavi which will sell vegetables grown with this technology.

modern ponics belagavi 2Advantages of hydroponic technology

  1. Required less space. System can be installed on terrace, balcony. smallest system of 2×3 ft. Which is sufficient to grow 70 to 80 plants of leafy vegetables or 10 to 12 plants of cauliflower or cabbage.
  2. Using hydroponic technology one can grow veggies at a faster rate. Plants required 25% less time to grow. This is because the nutrients which we developed are a combination of 14 elements which are essential for the plants growth. Roots will get the ready and fresh food due to continuous circulation of water. Unlike soil roots need not be under pressure in search of nutrients unlike in traditional soil farming.
  3. No pesticides. As in this system soil is not there thus there will not be any bacterial attack on the plants thus there is no need of any sort of pesticides to be used on plants.
  4. Requires less water. As water will not be exposed to direct sun light as well water will be under continuous circulation. 50% less water is required for the plant growth. But condition is that water should be soft water with definite TDS.
  5. More healthy food. veggies which grow by this technology will be having all 14 nutrients in it.

Apart from this they have developed Vertical gardens which will keep the walls green. This is completely done without soil and the first vertical garden wall were installed at the Rotary Public toilet in Nehru Nagar recently.

First vertical green wall has been installed by Belagavi based MODERN PONICS
First vertical green wall has been installed by Belagavi based MODERN PONICS

Advantages of vertical gardening

  1. Reduces overall temperature of the building
  2. Less water required than the traditional gardening
  3. Suitable for vacant vertical spaces to make them green
  4. Less evaporation of water then that of horizontal gardening
  5. Enhance ratings in certification of Indian Green Building council.
  6. Gives pleasant effect to eyes. Enhances beauty.
  7. This can be used to grow your own vegetables and herbs at home.


Hydroponics allows you to produce more (20 to 30%) high-quality vegetables and fruits, save on water and nutrient consumption, and grow fresh food everywhere – including sterile and unproductive lands, or in big cities and capitals, So when are you harvesting your own vegetables grown in your balcony.

Modern Ponics Belagavi – 78999 17078


4 thoughts on “Soil-Less Farming is the new trend – Modern Ponics”

  1. A very innovative and constructive idea. At time there is global warming and deterioration of health due to heavy use of pesticides in everything that is consumed, this is a great initiative. But, seeing no comments on the article I’m can only imagine how many are really interested in appreciating and encouraging the youths to spread the good aspect of such project and also the need to adopt it. Best of luck for the start up. Let Belgavi become more greener and healthier.

  2. Congratulations. Very interesting information about hydroponic vegetable gardening. I like to visit the place. I will be happy if you could give me your contact address. Thanks

  3. Dear sir,
    I read about your projects in magazine agricultureinformation FEb-19. I feel it is very useful.
    Myself Salve Subhash from Pune. I would like to visit your plant and under go your training. I am having farm land at Daund near Pune with sufficient availability of water through out year.
    Requested to inform about period of next batch of training


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