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Special Tiger Protection Force joins search of elusive tiger

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The operation launched by the Forest department in the Jungles of Jamboti, Khanapur taulka have yielded no result as of now.

Nearly 30 staff members of the Tiger Protection Force from Mysuru and a team of four Soliga tribesmen have arrived today and have joined the search operations. 12 teams of nearly 80 staff members have continued combing four selected locations. A round-the-clock control room has been set up, the officials in the Department of Forests.

2 thoughts on “Special Tiger Protection Force joins search of elusive tiger”

  1. Its high time to convince and make people aware regarding importance of saving forest and animals. we all are responsible for all these consequences . Man and animal conflict is quite common in India because we think that earth is only meant for humans . its unfortunate that we are still unaware of basic food chain in nature. stop yeilding to opportunistic politicians who comment on these issues ,who are taking undue advantage of sentiments of people

  2. ha ha ha look at the title of news…. “Special Tiger Protection Force joins search of elusive tiger” really insane
    instead of protecting they killed, they are not tiger protecting force they are tiger poaching force.

    shame on you guys you have killed an innocent animal,


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