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Tiger Spotted in Torahalli village ?

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Camera Trap image of the Tiger in Question
Camera Trap image of the Tiger in Question

The Tiger with a shoot at sight order was not sighted for over 24 hours and sources have confirmed that Tiger was spotted for a brief while near a lake in Torahalli village in Khanapur Taluka on Friday.

5 commandos of anti-naxal squad and Ten sharp shooters are engaged in search operation with AK-47 and snifter guns to kill or tranquilize the animal based on situation. There are 12 teams engaged in operation and an elephant has been brought from Dandeli forest division. An elephant is being used in movable areas in the forest, which is carrying one sharp shooter.

Villagers have been told not to enter the forest area or live along in houses located close to forest till the operation was concluded.

The Tiger had killed a woman on Wednesday night and had also poached on Horse and dogs in the villages.

KSRP and District Reserve Armed (DAR) police platoons have also been deployed in the villages where the radio caller signals of the tiger found in the past two days.  DCF Ambadi Madhav, it is already confirmed that it’s the same man-eater based on radio caller signals, which are showing the tiger is moving near to the Mudagai, Kabanalli, Narasawadi and Daroli villages.
The villagers are in a state of panic and schools have been declared a holiday in those areas.

10 thoughts on “Tiger Spotted in Torahalli village ?”

    • When a HUMAN becomes a mass murderer Gets to live his life ,]

      why has the animal who has to murder every day for survival got to die ?

      I m sadden that the innocent life of two sinless humans has been lost

      And the same case was with the tiger that killed the boy.

  1. Please do not kill this poor animal… Catch it alive and rehabitate it into reserve forest..

    Its not a man eater..the situation n conditions might have made it attack humans n other animals..

  2. Why was the Tiger brought to Belgaum in the first place. The Khanapur or Jamboti forests arent big enough and there arent many animals to prey upon by the Tiger. A case should be filed against the officials who brought it here. Giving 5 lakhs to the victims is not enough.


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