Special train from Hubli to Nizamuddin

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South Western Railway will run special train from Hubli to Hazrat Nizamuddin (train nuber. 07305), which will leave Hubli station on October 11 and reach Hazrat Nizamuddin on October 13.

07305 Hubli-H.Nizamuddin special will depart Hubli at 20:50 hrs on October 11 and arrive at H.Nizamuddin station at 13:00 hrs on October 13.

En-route, the one way special will depart from Dharwad at 21:25 hrs, Londa Junction at 22:50 hrs, Belgaum at 23:50 hrs, Ghataprabha at 01:00 hrs, Kudachi at 01:42 hrs, Miraj Junction at 03:20 hrs, Pune Junction at 09:00 hrs, Daund Junction at 11:00 hrs, Manmad Junction at 15: 40 hrs, Bhusaval Junction at 18:00 hrs, Khandwa at 20:35 hrs, Itarsi Junction at 23:00 hrs, Bhopal at 00:45 hrs, Bina Junction at 03:35 hrs, Jhansi at 06:10 hrs, Agra Cantt at 09:30 hrs and Palwal at 12:02 hrs.

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  1. Good News for the people of North Karnataka, it should be extended for Diwali and Christmas, if it is profitable make it Regular.


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