SpiceJet Ditches Belagavi yet again All flights diverted to Hubbali


Bad luck continues to stay with Belagavi as SpiceJet has decided to ditch Belagavi and from may 14 and all 5 flights that were operational from Belagavi have been diverted to Hubballi.

Recently SpiceJet got slots under the RCS UDAAN scheme in which it will get some concessions and gene it has decided as per its website to divert all flights with the same numbers which were operational from Belagavi to Hubballi. From April 8 some services have been shut and from may 14 all the 5 services operational currently to Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad will be diverted to Hubballi.

From May 14 All Flights canceled from Belagavi and diverted to Hubballi.

This was in the pipeline but aviation experts had maintained that as the load factor on all sectors from Belagavi was good SpiceJet might not cancel its services from here. But the worst has happened the upgraded airport will have a deserted look if no new flight operators start from here.

Here to political lobbying or anything else the oldest airport will be a dumb spectator from may 14.

This is a biggest blow to the aviation industry here and also this may affect the overall business.



  1. Belgaum Airport can be used as Parking for Aircraft from hubli once international operation commence. Don’t think that Belgaum airport development is waste of tax payers money. Surely u can get more destinations from Belgaum. But let us develop Hubli International Airport first

    • parking for aircrafts from hubli….????????????????? wow evn delhi mumbai do nt hv such option.. great hubli.. #immature jos.k.

  2. Governments just gives fancy names like “Smart City” but are least bothered to develop these cities or improve the infrastructure. Such a sad thing. 🙁

  3. What went wrong between March 25th and April 8th 2018? Within 2 weeks period SpiceJet flight saga has reversed it’s course . On March 25th there was an excitement filled the air on an announcement made by Rajeshkummar Maurya saying that another flight destination added from Belgavi to Hyderabad and he had hope of adding more connection to other destinations including international flight destinations, on hearing the news of great accomplishment my congratulation went out on editorial comment page on April 3rd. That was waste of my precious time. I should have waited to see the whole political drama come unglued. Seems like everything is politically motivated, no regards to other human being, no structured plans. Wasted all the tax payers money to upgrade the airport . More and even more broken promises are becoming everyday norm. First of all it’s a shame that we elect officials who do not have any interest in people or the community, all they are looking for their own welfare and how to fatten their pockets. What was Spicejet management thinking before adding another flight destination to Hyderabad knowing that all the flights would be cancelled from Belgavi within couple of weeks time period?

  4. Belgaumitie are fit to travel by Bus or Train…Why bother save money.
    If need be Goa is 3.5 hours,get any flight to anywhere….rather than travelling to Hubli !
    Enjoy the blessing in disguise !!!

  5. We have to take up the matter with the PMO’s office and explain how the Udaan scheme, though designed for a good purpose, will affect airports such as Belagavi. Making functional airport dysfunctional only for the sake of concessions is not at all justified.
    Our MP/MLC/MLA’s should act immediately.

  6. Hubli doesn’t have crowd & quality to travel in flights , they have trains to Bangalore,& Hyderabad, Chennai, Hope spice jet learns a lesson at the cost of Belgaumites with empty seats,curse from a regular flier – Shivanagouda Patil, Advocate & Central Government Standing Counsel, Belagavi

    • Sir, I think we should curse our political leaders for such a situation. Even industries are are looking to get out of Belagavi, don’t you think this will impact us even more.

    • Sir, Hubballi is able to provide 95% occupancy on Airbus A320 for Air India. That’s about 150 seats on regular basis. Plus there is more demand. Many airlines want to cash in on this. Indigo is starting 4 new A320 operations from Hubballi. This shows the quality and crowd from Hubballi. Also please note that Hubballi is also able to provide business class seats for Air India. This shows quality crowd too.

      • Please do not compare Hubli with Belgaum. Belgaum is Very beautiful city but Hubli has got more potential than belgaum. Hubli is developing at higher speed tats why it is a point of attraction for most of the airliners. As far as belgaum is concerned, Spicejet started its service just because Hubli airport was under upgradation to International standard. Now we have our airport ready hence back to opertaion whats the big deal???

  7. Leave it SpiceJet, and Go for other Airlines Air Indgo, jetairways, Air India and Others Airlines … Initially this airport has to make like connecting flights and cheap flights from all channels, then only the people will be travel more on airlines and can develop

  8. I have a flight booked from Chennai to BGM on 20th April & BGM to BLR on 7th of May. Are these flights scheduled or these flights are also cancelled?

  9. Cancel train route too…. We are fed up with suicides, Bridge construction, Too much sound besides Rly track…

  10. Very strange as Belgaum on all routes was running full on 80% and above. What about the Star air. Which Sanjay Godhavat Group was about to begin from Feb / March 2018 from Belgavi to major cities. They also had permission from DDCA, Delhi. They Also had ordered for two Brazilian aircraft ERJ145. This would be healthy competition to Spicejet and also at the same time would teach spicejet a lesson on canceling flights from Belgaum. Would like to know more about Star air.

      • Belgaum Airport can be used as Parking for Aircraft from hubli once international operation commence. Don’t think that Belgaum airport development is waste of tax payers money. Surely u can get more destinations from Belgaum. But let us develop Hubli International Airport first

  11. Very bad news actually the flights were 80 to 90 percent full I don’t understand why the company is withdrawing from Belgavi

      • Bro just bat for Hubli ,simply just don’t say things okay even if it is full on weekends ,aren’t the ppl of Belgaum citizens of the country don’t we deserve the basic amenities or we have just give up everything for you ,so why was the airport constructed then .This scheme has no sense make a functional airport dis functional .

        • Hi Rohit, I’m not saying that Belgaum should not get flights. I really hope that it gets continuous service. But you have to understand that Spicejet is a private company and will mostly think about profits. In the next phase of UDAN I’m certain that Belgaum will get picked and we will see resumption of flight services to Belgaum.

      • Belgaum Airport can be used as Parking for Aircraft from hubli once international operation commence. Don’t think that Belgaum airport development is waste of tax payers money. Surely u can get more destinations from Belgaum. But let us develop Hubli International Airport first

  12. This is nothing but hardcore lobbing by Hubballi politicians for better services for people of Hubli

    They are quite aggressive, they stand united Irrespective of party line, but our politicians do not show this kindly on will power

    It is their internal squabbling and vested interest which they are more interested.

    Had our politicians been shreud they would have lobbied and seen to it that Airindia, indigo and also jet would have started their operations from Belgaum

    But overdependency on one airline is affecting us. Today they can go and still negotiate saying that Belgaum will cater to Hubli and Kolhapur markets and so they should increase the frequencies

    Also the hotel industry may be hit in big way..Mainly owned by politicians now
    So I see that they will have to put up a good show to save their own interestv

    • Yes Amit, you are right. It’s our lazy and unwilling politicians who we should blame. It has always been a step motherly treatment for Belagavi and its people.

    • In future All three cities will be parallel connected Hubballi-Dharwad-Belagavi by Metro. No need to worry, even flights are from Hubballi are easily accessible in 1.5 to 2 hrs. Just like Bengaluru/Hyderabad have there airport at outskirts, people over there also taking time to reach airport. FYI new airport is also planned near IIT dharwad, which will common for both cities, current airport are army/military operated.

  13. If the bad luck to Belgamite in case the all Air services diverater to Hubballi.The planning of huge investment in upgrade tion of air port but the public has not any benefits it is a only the Contactor and Babus were have their pockets full. With best wishes.


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