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Two students robbed at knife point at Honaga

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Two students from a local medical college had gone for dinner at Honaga. They visited a place which they call end point where many people visit and then later have dinner in the nearby dhabas and come back.

On Tuesday night at around 9.30 PM two friends who had been there to the point were approached by two locals who asked for a lighter and spoke at ease and then later looted them at knife point. Both of them had to do away with all their money(Rs.5000) and watch.

Spot where the two students were robbed

After the incident the friends tried to chase them but in vain and they went in one of the dhabas at Honga to have dinner. But when they spotted me there, they disappeared from the dhaba also.

The dhaba owner said that the duo were among a group of five to six youths who regularly visit his premises for dinner and are locals there. When inquired among the local people, they pointed at a slum area, stating that those youths were the residents of that place. However, they advised them not to go in that area, as the youths may turn violent, as they are rowdies.

Later the friends approached the Kakti Police station and gave a complaint however an FIR was not filed as the PSI was not at the station and they were told to come the next day.

It has come to light that similar incidents have happened but no one has complained.

So isn’t the police aware of these activities? Sad part no action against these rowdies has been initiated which is saddening.

The police however said that they were unaware of the incident and will check into the incident and take action as required.

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