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Spicejet likely to Cancel all operations from Belagavi

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The only operator flying from Belagavi, Spicejet is likely to shut all its operations from Belagavi from January 16, 2015.

Sources have told that, spicejet had asked for time to re commence its Hubballi operations from January 15, and now it seems it will close all its operations from Belagavi from January 16.

People who have booked tickets after January 15, have got messages saying their flight has been diverted to Hubballi.

10 thoughts on “Spicejet likely to Cancel all operations from Belagavi”

  1. Very bad news, why all importance is given to hubli? despite being a center location between Hubli, kolhapur,Sangli, goa and bagalkot; belgaum would have been ideal location for passanger airport. Hubli has already got major railway and bus head quarters. it is very painful and foolish.

  2. Good! Bgm’s guys only know to inflate prices, be it anything, they inflate prices. Nor any MP is interested in any expansion for the people. Anything you buy here or even Kolhapur.. its much cheaper in Hubli. an example 60X40 is cheaper in Hubli.. Ah! the water problem! 🙂 the Mahadeyi project is bount to give 24/7 water to all places except for than the place where it originates! keep fighting. 🙂

  3. We need to get back the glory of bgm!
    It is a Division, an administrative Division! moreover its heaven with it’s climate and nice people.
    If other places improve, let them and it should.. that’s the point.. let all progress! but we need What’s due to our city!

  4. Tiger Air, Peagsus.. all are entering Tier II cities. IF KF or SJ shuts not to worry… the Big boy TATA’s are venturing in 😉

  5. I have a flight from Hubli to Bangalore on 22nd Feb and yesterday I had received a message from Spice jet saying that this flight number has been changed and also the starting point is now Belguam and not hubli. Looks like the Hubli airport expansion work is further delayed…


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