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Spot a pothole inform MLA Anil Benake

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MLA Shri Anil Benake of Belagavi north has come up with a citizen friendly novel idea this time which is been lauded by all.

Campaigning for better roads in Belagavi North.
Pothole repair campaign is been undertaken under my observation, the MLA said.

I request citizens of Belagavi North to provide information of Potholes in your area, by commenting/what’s app your address with photo and mobile number.

We have plan to do permanent repair to ensure a better quality repair.

gogte circle pothole
Representational pic

Send your complaints to bellow mentioned what’s app numbers,
9916831594, 8867575209

Now it is the duty of the citizens to inform about the bad roads. So get up and get going and start sending messages with images to the above numbers.

10 thoughts on “Spot a pothole inform MLA Anil Benake”

  1. in sv colony tilakwadi last 10 days no water roads are also not in good condition since 7 years we are only dreaming smart city according to you when dream will come in real

  2. So we have to do their work?
    AND submit our PERSONAL details/phone numbers etc???
    Yeeeaah . . .
    In today’s day and age of private data issues that is a GREAT idea.
    Let’s all have a nice cup of hot red label tea and hopefully jaago re jaago re JAAGO RE!!!!
    Also how goes the compensation for covid related expenses? 8.5 lakhs was it?
    Anyone else have dust/dirt in their eyes???

  3. I think mobile number is given by our loved representative is no internet connection, massage forwarded showing single line since morningThis news given by our representative is may be for political gimmick,,

  4. Elected MLA is to represent us, making sure to overseeing what needs to be fixed / maintained so that citizens don’t have to go around checking potholes. Contractors who are making roads are doing a lousy job, why can’t they go around and check those potholes?

    • Contractors are the bearing the highest trauma of corruption. Their Bill’s are not being paid for months and some time years. Tax money is just eaten by politician and government officals

  5. All over belgaum there is
    Big tank holes not pot Holes
    Diversion, diversions
    Road construction -construction that too sub standard ( in name of smart city, all contractors govt officers, politicians getting richer and richer daily by sucking our tax money)
    Still they can’t put Meter on rowdy autorickshaws asking number to complain for tank holes
    Because the person’s asking can’t see because they rarely go out for work they stay home for years, or else they travel by air
    On top veggies price are sky rocketting
    Only government employees including teachers are living luxury life in India all others hell life
    Government teachers are getting paid for zero works
    Govt employees salary must be atleast reduced to 1/4th or 1/6th amount
    And politicians shall work for free with zero benefits
    I noticed this in belgaum when I was recently in belgaum


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