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St Paul’s Alumni group helps school in rural areas

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A group of Alumni from of St Paul’s High School, Class of 85′ were busy deciding where they could fund this years alumni fund that they collect each year. The group is a group of friends many of which know each other since first Standard. Each year they collect some funds and try to help the needy, with their focus area being education and children in the nearby rural areas.


This year the Class of 85′ donated a sum of Rs 1,21,000/- [Rupees One Lakh twenty one thousand only] to Chhatrapati Shahu Charitable trust which runs the Desur High School, Desur.

The Donation will assist the trust to fund the roof of the first floor of the school building,

They trust this deed will inspire the other classes who are well to do to assist, help & fund deserving schools in rural areas.

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  1. Dinesh:
    Very heartwarming to see all the good deeds of you and your classmates.
    I was in the Social Services League at St. Paul’s during the mid-fifties, and I remember going around the camp area and helping the poor people living there, by giving soap, waterproof sheets to help keep the rain out of their huts, and some sweets for the kids. We raised a few annas by begging friends and relatives,
    I also went on two Social Services camps to Khanapur. On one trip we helped build a one-room school in a remote village (back-breaking work), and another time we helped build a mud road, with culverts on either side. The villagers probably completed both projects.
    Just getting involved in these projects gave me a deep sense of service to the poor. We ourselves were
    marginally poor at that time, but there were many more people living in dire poverty.
    Hats off to you and your group. Yes, Cheer boys cheer ! the spirit of service to humanity was instilled in us, and you and your classmates are examples of what was taught us. Thank you

    • Vivian Hello,

      It’s always an inspiration to hear anecdotes on the good deeds of our seniors, especially the jubilee batch….

      Thanks for the kind words…

      Pray this motivates other and spreads like a fragrance to help the less privileged…

      Cheer boy’s, Cheer…!


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