Multi level car parking at Bapat Galli could be delayed again

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The dream project of building a multi level car parking at the Bapat Galli car parking seems to have caught it self into trouble again as only company has put in its bid. As this becomes a single tender, the process may be delayed according to Corporation sources.

For any tender atleast two tenders are required to be put, but as only one company Bell Fluid Technics has applied, corporation might have to call in another bidding round.

Bapat Galli Car Parking Belagavi

As of now the appraisal of the technical bid is yet to be done, and if the technical bid is held valid then we will come to know what steps the corporation will take.

But as of now this project will be delayed again.

Project details:

Construction of Multi level car parking at Bapat Galli Belagavi at a cost of 4,35,29,218.98 (4.35 Crores)

It will be a Hydraulic System Multi Level Car Parking

Total time 11 months for completion (excluding Monsoon)


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