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Corporation cut trees as it was a hindrance to traffic but has this solved the issue?

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In the name of resolving the traffic chaos in market area in Belagavi city, Belagavi city Corporation had chopped hundreds of trees three months ago but neither has it succeeded in controlling the traffic chaos nor the illegal street hawkers.

It is big and challenging task for the pedestrians’ and commuters to pass from the Khadebazaar, Ganapat Galli, Maruti Galli, Samadevi Galli, Kirloskar Road and other contingent narrow roads in market area. Adding to it, the street hawkers, two wheeler parking acquire half of the road. All this obviously create a traffic chaos.

tree-cutCorporation had conducted a meeting with police department to resolve the traffic problem. Basement parking, Prohibition of street hawkers on road, ban on four wheelers in market road, cutting of road side trees was discussed. However sidelining other all options, corporation decided to first cut the trees, which failed in yielding result to control traffic problems.

Shashidhar Kurer, Commissioner, city corporation said ‘Cutting of trees was not just part of resolving the traffic problems, but part of other development works like underground cabling, drainage systems. The illegal encroachments also have been removed at Khadebazaar. We have plans to take action against the illegal commercial establishments in basements in coming days to resolve traffic problems’

A shop owner said that that corporation had cut the road side trees citing reason that the street hawkers acquire the space below the tree for marketing. However they have not left the space even there are no trees. If they had cut the trees for smart city project, it was not necessary to cut the trees and smart city work is also not yet started.

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  1. Cutting trees is not a solution. Instead start planting trees to save Mother Earth else no one will have shade during summer.

  2. Remove the hawkers and start making provisions or providing parking spaces. Complete ban of four wheelers into the markets. This would solve most of the traffic problems. The poor trees be left alone as they are our caretakers in this blistering heat

  3. stop planting trees beside the gutter in heavy urban areas, you are destroying what little infrastructure is there.. there are no wide footpaths/sidewalks here to plant trees, these trees are being plants beside the gutter, in 3-4 years the tree will be come big enough for its roots to crack the gutter walls, crack and enter sewage pipes, crack and enter drinking water pipes. leading to more disease. these will take years to repair all the while sewage is being mixed in your drinking water supply. planting trees in crowded alleys is not the solution. have proper green areas around the city, have smaller gardens, plant trees on large roads with good sidewalks.

  4. First of all the pollution is increasing day by day besides you are cutting the left over trees. Ok I understand the traffic , but if you cut you must plant more than you cut….
    And about traffic cutting trees will not work but masterplans are required to solve this. First the government should take interest..
    Thank you…


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