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Start Rail Bus/ Rail car service from Belgavi City Railway station to Sambra Airport

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The citizens council today gave a memorandum to Mrs Usha Padhe Jt.Secretary ,Ministry Of Civil Aviation Govt Of India via airport director Rajesh Kumar Maurya at the belagavi airport.

Belagavi airport has become the busiest airport in the region having more than 26 arrivals and departures to different parts of india viz, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad , etc. having maximum number of commuters / passengers traveling. With so much of passengers and being the busiest airport terminal we regreat to bring to your kind notice that there is no proper modes of transit connectivity link between Belgavi airport ( apx 15 kms away from city center) to Belgavi City.

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Here we would like to bring to your kind notice mam, that the Belgavirailway station is the majore nearest Railway Station having its rail connectivity with equidistance from Mumbai and Bangalore. Even Sambra is a Railway station which is very near to the Belgavi airport. With the infrastructure ready we think that we should make maximum of available resources and to overcome the problem of Airport to City Center connectivity we feel that in present scenario Rail Bus or Rail Car is the best suitable option for Belgavi to solve the problems faced by passengers visiting Belgavi.

As you are aware of the fact that the Airport rail link is a service providing passenger rail transport from an airport to a nearby city ceter by mainline or commuter trains, rapid transit, people mover or light rail. Direct links operate straight to the airport terminal , while the other systems require an intermediate use of people mover or shuttle bus.Although the rail links have been popular solutions in Europe and japan for decades only recently it is gaining its popularity in india too. Advantages of Rail Car includes faster travel time and easy interconnection with other public transport while authorities have benefited from less highway and parking congestions , less pollution and additional business opportunities. Additionally , the links benefits airports by drawing in more passengers via easy access.

In india Indian railways has successfully implemented Rail Bus services in following destination, viz.1. Yeshwantpur To Nelamangam ( 22 kms ) SWR2. Bagalkot to Khajjidoni ( 29 kms )SWR3. Bangarpet to Kollar ( 17 kms ) SWR4. Vijapure ( Gujarat) to Ambliyasan ( 42kms ) WR5. Merta Road to Merta City ( 15 kms ) NWR6. Khamgaon to Jalamb ( 13 kms ) CR7. Kakinada to Kotipalli ( 45 kms ) SCR8. Bobbali to Saluru ( 16 kms ) SCR9. Mathura to Vrindavan ( 15 kms ) NCR10. Indara to Doharighat ( 37 kms ) NER


For the reasons stated above we would like to request you Madam, to have a coordination meeting with the Indian Railways and to take up this issues with a priority and make our region more better place to live in. We hope you will consider this matter as most important and urgent and do the needful for the better development of our city in a true sense

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