Station Two wheeler parking contractor fined: Impact

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On March 3, we had made a post on Facebook and then followed it up on Twitter about excess parking fee been collected and also threatening by the Parking contractor.

Now the DRM Hubballi SWR has tweeted that
Based on d feedback on 2 wheeler parking @ Belagavi railway station, a penalty of Rs.10,000/- has been imposed with final warning to abide by d prescribed rules & collect authorised charges. In case of any issue, U may also call on 138/7022029814.



On March 3 we had posted after a citizen had complained to us:

Today I parked my bike in railway station the parking contractor is charging me 20rupees for 8hours I asked about y 20rupees he told Hamara itna hi rate hai. I told them I know everything then he told me to do job Karna hai Karlo. When I taken the photo of that ticket he takes my photo and told me main dikhata Hu tere ko.

This is not for the first time that the parking contractor has been fined on earlier occasions was also fined on similar grounds.

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  1. Good morning the same thing as apricated and Thank s, awerness in public with the activities ABB. With best wishes.

  2. Now even at central bus stand parking they are charging 20 rupees for 8 hours.. they say its new rate.. but on what basis and who fix these rates..?

  3. If we are parking in a bus stand or railway station . Then government is providing us a parking stand .. if this kind are taking benified of space .. with charges of 1 vehical of 20 rp..
    Assume in a day 500 vehical
    Then price would be 10000 per day where the money is going.

  4. Even after complaining to market police station. Police just warn n leave then. Here in Karnataka no one system is going on right ways or not. Just government employees get salary month.. just obey the boss. .that boss is politically influenced.. victims are public.


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