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Steady flow of water fills half of Rakaskop

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With some good rains in the catchment areas of Rakaskop, the water level in the reservoir has risen by 16 feet, that’s half its capacity.

On Monday, the water level stood at 2460.60 feet which is just 2 feet less when compared to last year.

2477 feet is the highest level of water that can be stored in Rakaskop.

In 2018 the reservoir was full on July 29 and if the rains continue as they are we could achieve a similar date this year as well.

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6 thoughts on “Steady flow of water fills half of Rakaskop”

  1. I hope reservoir the bgm have taken care. Else next year summer gonna be horrible as we have seen this year the pathetic condition.ihope they have some storage s

  2. Forget about storage even if they clean the slit formed on the bottom of reservoir they will achieve their goals

  3. Each village should have 2-3 kere / Talaab to conserve the water for the summer and it will also increase the ground water level.

    water is precious we all make effort to save it.


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