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Step by step guide on how to book appointment for COVID Vaccination 18+

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The Vaccination drive is picking up in Belagavi as well, and Thanks to KLE Dr. Prabhakar Kore Hospital, they have started Vaccination (PAID) for 18+ category as well. (cost is Rs.780)

BIMS and PHCs also have 18+ but limited to certain categories and sub groups. A few organizations, political parties have tied up with the Govt and are arranging camps for all age groups at various places for limited persons.

Now currently only KLE Dr. Prabhakar Kore Hospital Nehru Nagar and KLE Centenary Hospital Yellur have started the PAID vaccination.

The key here is to get the appointment through the COWIN portal, mind it is compulsory to have a pre appointment through the cowin portal for 18+.

Tip: (tried and tested)
Please use the Paytm app to set up Vaccination Alerts. As soon as you get an alert via Paytm, immediately book it. If you don’t book in 60 seconds, the slots will run out is what I’ve observed. (590010 for Dr. Prabhakar Kore Hospital Nehru Nagar and 590005 for KLE Centenary Hospital Yellur)

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Use the Paytm app only to get alerted when slots open up. The booking of the slot will have to be done via or the Arogya setu app.

1) Register via the COWIN portal – and get appointment

2) Go to the designated centre and form a queue. Go at least 30 mins in advance to avoid big queue.

3) Keep your SMS confirmation and secret code handy once you’re let in to the vaccination centre – They would ask you the mobile number with which the appointment was taken

4) Once they let you in, go to the Registration Counter, state your full name. When prompted for your secret code, share with them and get the vaccination slip.

5) Take vaccination token, make the payment and proceed to the vaccination room

6) Get your vaccine in the vaccination room, wait for about 15 mins and exit.

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