Again stone pelting at Khadak Gall

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After the incident of stone pelting in Shetti gallli on Tuesday again some stone pelting was reported from khadak Galli this time at around 10.30 PM.

Stone pelting by miscreants was reported from Khadak Galli, Ghee Galli and Khanjar Galli. Miscreants also damaged a bike parked on the road in Khanjar Galli.

khanjar gali
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The police came into action immediately with higher officers like DCP (Crime) Amarnath Reddy and said it was others visited the areas and got the situation under control.

The situation is peaceful and under control as police presence has been increased in all areas there.
The police have made an appeal to the citizens not to believe any rumors being circulated on mobiles in form of SMS and images on instant messaging applications.

If anyone gets such messages please dont forward the same by which these rumors could spread.

The city is peaceful and we believe every citizen will co-operate with the law enforcement authorities to maintain peace and harmony.

2 thoughts on “Again stone pelting at Khadak Gall”

  1. Hopeless situation in Belagavi. Yatha praja tatha Raja. That MLA and the people are good example.
    National media is silent because it’s Congress government in Karnataka.
    It’s better to move away from Belagavi to some other peaceful city..

  2. Almost 20 years since I left beloved Belagavi or for me Belgaum and things are still the same. These areas were trouble spots even then. My friend who was 10 at that time was murdered in Khanjar galli. Like Rakesh mentioned it’s sometimes good to move away.


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