Rose society in Belagavi

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As we know that Rose is known as a king of the flowers and is considered symbol of love & affection to mankind. It blooms throughout the year with bountiful flower and make the environment colourful and meaningful.

Suresh Patil, a Chemical scientist by profession and a resident of Laxmitek, with his son Naval Patil has introduced the concept of Rose Society in Belagavi to develop and spread scientific and systematic knowledge of roses. The Rose Society in Belagavi will be the 17th in the country.

Rose society in Belagavi
Photo: The Indian Rose Federation

The Society will help people in setting up nurseries, gardens and trial grounds for rose plants, besides carrying out scientific research by hybridizing and developing new varieties of roses. There are also plans to establish a library which will provide rose-related information to members of the society and public.
TheRose Society plans to conduct workshops once a month and hold exhibitions twice a year and will also call experts from the Rose federation of India for guidance.

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    • Hello ma’am. Iam Dr.Amol Ghatnekar from Mumbai, Maharashtra. Nice to know about Belgavi rose society. I have my relatives staying at Tilakwadi in belgaum. Would like to know if u have Nehru gulab ( gavthi rose) variety. Would like to buy one if u have a plant ( nehru gulab). Please let me know. Thanks. REGARDS-Dr.Amol Ghatnekar.


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