Persons try to barge into Belagavi airport


Four persons were taken into custody by the airport authority security personnel.
They had entered Belagavi Sambra airport by jumping into a 12-feet height wall at around 12 pm.

Current Belagavi Airport Terminal

The Industrial security guards managed to nab the 4. The airport is considered as a sensitive zone as it is situated adjoining to Indian Air Force .

The detained have been now taken into custody by Marihal Police station and investigations are on.


Sources the persons in custody are aged 18,20 and 22.

Sources say they are from the Madarsa in Pant Balekundri which nearby the airport.

Still the reason why they all jumped the wall is unclear and a matter of investigation.



  1. I am happy atleast people are discussing NATIONAL SECURITY….

    I appreciate Mr Editor for your efforts,
    It’s bcoz of you we are informed before SUNRISE…

  2. I agree with the other comments. AAB you need to restrain from posting until an initial investigation is done before spreading the news which might not be news after all.

  3. Every news is worthy of it. Its not a english exam for grammer. Its a news and in any form its welcome. We appreciate the efforts taken by the editor to keep us updated.
    Thank you.

  4. News is news , people are used to good news and bad news by some news channels the above two comments may be effect of it,

  5. This is a very important news. Its being carried in many other national papers too for tomorrow’s edition.
    A great channel to keep us updated, alert always.

  6. Uday, this is definately a news- worthy information. It concerns the safety & security of our people, air passengers & the airport & airforce station. This is a very serious matter & should not be taken lightly. Or it could end up in another Pathankot or Uri. It is the duty of every citizen of this country to be alert & ward-off any such attempts.

  7. Yep what is wrong with the news. Granted that there are a few grammatical mistakes but the content is newsworthy.
    If I am not mistaken I think a few months back a suspicious character was apprehended while clicking photos around this same restricted area and he also had links to Hyderabad.

    • it is very easy to comment and check my grammar but no one can know from where and how this was posted. I know what I am doing and I am sticking to it.

      • We respect your hard work, but in the way you replied is bit disappointing. As a good media person one should accept the things in positive way…

        But really we respect your hard work to give us the updates of city…

  8. Lol… What a news that was.. Will also not find a place in the worst unread colomn of the local non sense called tarun Bharat


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