Those 4 curious youths released who had entered airport

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After the Karnataka Industrial Security Force (KISF), which is deployed for the security of the Belagavi airport went into a tizzy when they saw 4 youths near the airport restricted zone. The four has scaled the 12 feet wall just out of curiosity to see how the planes land and take off, it was revealed later after investigations.

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The four were detained and were interrogated and then it came to light that they were from the Arabia Siraj Ulum Madrassa in Pant Balekundri where they were studying and Friday being a holiday they decided to see how the airplanes land and take off.

One is from Medak district of Telangana, two are from Bagalkot district and one from Hudali near Belagavi.

Commissioner of Police Bhatt said

We have investigated the case by questioning the detained youths individually and going to the madrassa where they study. They did not have any weapons or objectionable literature. the youths had not even crossed the compound wall of the airport. After some passersby informed KISF personnel about them standing near the compound wall on the road that connects Mavinakatti village, security personnel rushed to the spot and detained them.

All the four were later released after investigation which also included others from the madrassa and also family members of the four.

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