Stones pelted on St Joseph’s Convent School again


At around 4.30am on Friday some miscreants pelted stones at the gate of the St Joseph’s Convent School in camp area.

A new gate was recently installed and has been damaged.

This was the ninth attack since 17th January this year and repeated requests have been made to the police in this regards.

Yesterday again a memorandum was given to SP Sandeep Patil.


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  1. Seems the miscreants dont have the guts to do their nefarious activities in full light. hence the cowards do this only at night.
    what is the police doing about this ?

  2. some people are destructive towards something that is good…its an educational institution and not anything else to fling stones…cant help mentalities differ…..this place holds top priorities in my mind…its my school……what is the police doing on high street?…..they should have been punished by now. Punishments should be severe so that its a lesson for others who sail in the same boat. No one should dare do it again…


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