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Asian Highway 47 passes through Belgaum

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The AH 47 Sign board. Photo by : Sandeep Hegde

How many of you saw a AH 47 sign on the NH 4 towards Hubli & also towards Kolhapur in Green color.
This means Asian Highway 47.

AH47 or Asian Highway 47 is a route of the Asian Highway Network, running 1286 miles (2,057km) from Gwalior on Asian Highway 43 in India to Bangalore on AH43 and AH45 in India.


The Asian Highway (AH) project, also known as the Great Asian Highway, is a cooperative project among countries in Asia and Europe and the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP), to improve the highway systems in Asia. It is one of the three pillars of Asian Land Transport Infrastructure Development (ALTID) project, endorsed by the ESCAP commission at its 48th session in 1992, comprising Asian Highway, Trans-Asian Railway (TAR) and facilitation of land transport projects.aisianhighway

The Asian Highway network is a network of 141,000 kilometers of standardized roadways crisscrossing 32 Asian countries with linkages to Europe.

The Asian Highway project was initiated in 1959 with the aim of promoting the development of international road transport in the region. During the first phase of the project (1960-1970) considerable progress was achieved, however, progress slowed down when financial assistance was suspended in 1975.

Entering into the 1980s and 1990s, regional political and economic changes spurred new momentum for the Asian Highway Project. It became one of the three pillars of Asian Land Transport Infrastructure Development (ALTID) project, endorsed by ESCAP Commission at its forty-eight session in 1992, comprising Asian Highway, Trans-Asian Railway and facilitation of land transport projects.

A total of US$26 billion has already been invested in the improvement and upgrading of the Asian Highway network. However, there is still a shortfall of US$18 billion. UNESCAP secretariat is now working with its member countries to identify financial sources for the development of the network to improve their road transport capacity and efficiency.



7 thoughts on “Asian Highway 47 passes through Belgaum”

  1. good job and thank you for putting up this information about the Asian Highway AH47 that also passes through Belgaum.

    1) If possible please put up some information about the NH4 widening that is taking place between Dharwad-Kittur-Belgaum and its completion period.

    2) What progress about the NH4A a four lane was supposed to be done from Belgaum to Goa.

    3) What about Belgaum-Bangalore hi-speed rail, through Belgaum-kittur-Dharwad a straight track. I saw here on this sight that some meeting to be held on 20th of this month with the rail ministry. What was the out come. As it was also posted that the survey had been already done.

  2. The highways from belgaum towards hubli and also towards kolhapur have been done excellently. It is a great driving experience when there are hardly any road bumps like on the state highways.

    It nice to see that India too is embarking on making roads international standard. Belgaum being a part of this project is more than moments of proud.


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