Stringent measures to curb road accidents by at least 25% this year

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Belagavi City Police Commissioner S.N. Siddaramappa has issued a stern directive to revoke the licenses of motorists found riding without helmets, emphasizing stringent measures to curb road accidents in the district and city by at least 25% this year.

Addressing the district road safety committee meeting convened on Monday at the DC’s office, Commissioner Siddaramappa stressed the urgency of implementing measures to enhance road safety. Among his directives, he emphasized the imperative of cracking down on helmet-less riders, highlighting the critical role helmets play in preventing fatalities and reducing the severity of injuries in road accidents.

Apart from this, he said to take necessary steps to arrange prepaid autos at selected important places of the city.

DCP Sneha said that there is a need to install zebra crossings and other markings and traffic signs to facilitate pedestrians on major roundabouts and roads in the city.

In addition to the focus on helmet enforcement, Siddaramappa underscored the need to deploy prepaid auto services at strategic locations within the city to streamline transportation and ensure passenger safety. He expressed concern over the proliferation of street vendors obstructing footpaths, urging municipal authorities to address this issue effectively.

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“With the Supreme Court closely monitoring nationwide efforts to mitigate accidents, concerned departments must remain vigilant and proactive in executing their duties,” stated District Superintendent of Police Dr. Bhima Shankar Guled. He emphasized the importance of coordinated efforts among various departments to identify and rectify accident-prone areas, citing the identification of seventeen black spots in the district over the past three years.

Acknowledging the significance of adequate lighting and clear road infrastructure, officials were directed to prioritize improvements at junctions along highways and main district roads. This includes the removal of obstructions such as trees and bushes to optimize visibility and enhance overall road safety.

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