IMA Belagavi Branch Protests Assault on Doctor, Urges Swift Police Action

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The Indian Medical Association (IMA) Belagavi branch staged a protest today and submitted a memorandum to the Commissioner of Police following a disturbing incident of assault and rowdyism targeting one of its members, Dr. Pradeep Goudar, and his wife.

The incident, which occurred on the night of February 14, 2024, saw Dr. Pradeep Goudar and his wife subjected to verbal abuse and physical assault in front of their family over what was described as a trivial issue. Despite warnings of police intervention, the assailant, identified as Arif Desai of Sadashiv Nagar Belagavi, brazenly challenged any consequences, stating, “let me see which police or authority will dare to register a complaint against me”, states the memorandum.

What’s particularly alarming is the assailant’s disregard for authority, as he openly declared his assumption that Dr. Pradeep was a medical student from another city, indicating a premeditated lack of fear of consequences due to perceived vulnerability. This blatant display of impunity undermines not only the authority of the police but also raises concerns about the safety and security of medical professionals in Belagavi.

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Belagavi, known for its numerous colleges and diverse student population, could see a ripple effect of such incidents if not addressed promptly. The IMA highlighted that Arif Desai had been involved in a similar case in December 2023, further emphasizing his habitual criminal behavior.

The association also expressed dissatisfaction with the delayed response in registering the complaint, despite clear videographic evidence of the incident. Past grievances of doctors not being adequately addressed by the police were also cited, indicating a pattern of negligence.

In their memorandum, the IMA urged the Commissioner of Police to ensure immediate action on complaints of assaults against doctors, including the swift registration of FIRs and stringent measures against the accused. While reaffirming their commitment to providing uninterrupted healthcare services, the IMA warned that continued leniency towards offenders would only embolden them, jeopardizing law and order further.

The IMA emphasized the need for personal oversight from the Commissioner of Police to expedite the investigation and ensure that all relevant charges are included in the chargesheet. They asserted that justice must be served swiftly and unequivocally to deter future incidents and restore faith in the safety of medical professionals.

As the medical fraternity awaits a response from the authorities, their resolve remains unwavering: offenders must be held accountable, and the safety of healthcare workers must be prioritized without compromise.

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  1. Incomplete reporting, for fair reporting you need to mention the whole story. The other side of the complain as well.
    I have seen many Doctors misbehaving, don’t get me wrong I have a doctor in my family as well.
    This kind of reporting is what leads to biased feelings.


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