Thieves Target Belagavi Municipal Corporation Office, Steal Laptops from South Zone Revenue Office

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The Belagavi Municipal Corporation office was targeted by thieves who made off with four laptops, each containing crucial documents, in a skilled operation that came to light on Monday.

The theft occurred at the South Zone revenue office of the Corporation located in Basaveshwar Circle, Belagavi, sparking concerns and suspicions. The perpetrators gained entry by breaking through a window and door, and making off with the laptops. Further details on the stolen items are yet to be disclosed pending police investigation.

The stolen laptops contained vital records including property ownership documents, property owner identification cards, tax records, and building permits belonging to residents across 26 wards.

On Monday morning, staff arriving at the office discovered the theft, realizing that the laptops, stored securely in a safe, were missing. The Tilakwadi Police Station and Dog Squad personnel were deployed to the scene for investigation.

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Authorities stated that they received reports in the morning regarding the theft from the corporation’s southern zone revenue office. A formal complaint has been lodged at the Tilakavadi police station, with officials pledging to conduct a thorough investigation to determine the extent of the stolen documents.

Corporation Revenue Officer D.G. Kori expressed dismay, noting that the theft occurred during a holiday period, and emphasized the absence of CCTV surveillance in the office. The lack of security measures has raised significant concerns.

Efforts are underway to track down the perpetrators, with police actively pursuing leads to apprehend those responsible for the theft.

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