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Student killed


Amit Vernekar aged 17 died on the NH 4 at Tavandi Ghat yesterday after he fell from his bike, the pillion rider his female friend was injured. He was studying at the Gogte College of Commerce (PUC I)

4 friends yesterday decided to go to McDonalds (Kolhapur) and hence the four left on a Yamama bike and a Activa from Belgaum. One bike at the Tavandi ghat went a bit forward when they heard a sound and when they turned back it was Amit who had slipped and hit the divider and he died on the spot.


The bike skid to about 50 feet and the female pillion rider was thrown in the near by bushes. She was taken to hospital.



  1. I dont blame anyone… coz in this age everyone is intrested to do such Stupid things Even i, BUT.. Just think about that girl, What must be goin on her…

  2. I dont think its parents mistake. If u wanna go out with friends and u have promised them u will definately come with them and the same time ur parents dont allow u to go.. what will u do?? ofcourse u will lie to ur parents and go. And as some people are telling that its parents responsibilty …. its not…. students should take their own responsiblity…. parents cant be with their son or daughter for 24 Hours…. so this is my opinion….

  3. sorry for knowing this please dont fall in love its can be dangerous for health, if you want to have fun pay and go near pr_stitute

  4. Hey all those blaming the boy's parents, r u sure that the bike was given by them? who knows if it was a friend's/ relative's bike?

  5. fulisheness ……………
    yes every one is responsible….
    including … so called loving people…..
    how come u can give a vehicle for kid……….
    n girl friend is ready 2 go ko…pur for pi……za
    fast food is always dangerious for health…

    belgaumvasioa…. b carefulll about yr kids….

    take care…………

  6. i request to al the youngsters…….plz drive n ride safely n slowly……never hurry…..it doesnt make a diffrnce in riding fast….so plz beware .

  7. Silly children. No discipline in Life.
    See what must have been the situation of his parents who had dreamt for a successful career of their Son. Fun is reuired in college days but not at the cost of others esp. endangering lives tat too after bunking classes.
    Rather than chldren I would blame the Parents for handing over bikes to an unlicenced & inexperienced child AND The corrupt Road Transport Authorities (RTO) including the Traffic Police.
    Anyone knows that,Children studying in PUC-I (barely 16 years) do not even posses Driving licences and Police Dept. as usual doesnt verify licences atleast on random basis.

    • oye hoye…. Random based checking can't catch the culprits like this… don't blame police.. Its his and his parents fault…

      • Agreed on one hand that its his parent's fault but, What if parents were not aware of their child's act of riding the vehicle.
        Its the statutory duty of police to be strict enough.
        Else how can children dare to ride vehicles without a Driving Licence?
        I have heard al kid of St. Pauls school (who was in school uniform and riding an Activa) near Swamy Bakery commenting that, Even if you dnt have licence its ok just carry a Rs.50 not with you which is enough.

  8. how can i boy of 17 yr age ride bike..? Certainly he dont have the driving licences… Just think who is at fault….

    • he was driving without license MATS…. so its his and his parents fault to give bike to him…. Police can't stop & see everyone…. we have to be responsible

  9. i totally agree wit samir sir children r taking undue advantage of the freedom given to thm
    parents should keep a watch on the activities of their children
    very sad to know abt this incident its a lesson to for both students and parents

  10. 5 people were killed when their bus overturned near sankeshwar,160(don't know the exact figure) were killed when the airplane they were traveling crashed in mangalore, but people still travel in buses/airplane, no one says "parents beware of how your children make use of the money to travel by buses/planes"
    Amit Vernerkar(may he rest in peace) met with an accident, it may or may not have been his fault.. probably the road was slippery, there were oil spills or he did not know how to drive 😕 Please don't blame the parents,the children's pocket money and/or students driving their motorcycles/cars/bikes/cycle/scooters for this…

    • ANd mr. guest… its parents responsibilty to give or don't give vehicle to a minor…. Luckily only he died… If that girl had died then whos responsible… It fault

    • I agree…end of the day it's fate and destiny. Of course certain safety measures like wearing a helmet, sticking to the speed limit etc, driving carefully in slippery conditions need to be followed.
      Avoiding such trips to McDonalds etc no way warranties that accidents will never happen.

    • People travel in buses and flights and accidents do happen.
      To compare the two does not make sense.
      If the government has a age limit for driving licences there must be a reason.
      It may or may not have been his fault but—–the skipping of classes/the frivolous task they were undertaking makes the tragedy worse…..
      and it may not have bee nin this case but we do know the highway with the hormonal rush that comes at this age tends to add to the speed to thrill factor.

  11. The parents are in a state of shock , it must be so unbearable for them to see their young son end up like that. Youngsters please please be more responsible.

  12. Very sad. Just for Pizza or burger one shouldn't go to Mcdonalds Kolhapur. I know its fun a long ride then a good Fast food but its dangerous.

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