Sumptuous food to accompany kites

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Belgaum is getting ready for its first ever International kite festival which begins on January 16, 2011. The two day event being organized by legislator Abhay Patil is gaining momentum and not only one can see kites soar high you can also fill in your bellies with some sumptuous food that will be served there as a part of the event from 9am to 6pm on both days(16 Jan & 17 Jan) at the Grounds next to firing range Savagaon road, Nanawadi.

There will be motorised and fiberglass kites, traditional paper kites and designer kites, all of which will be flown by expert kite makers and flyers from Europe and Asia.

There have been food stalls put up which will serve the following items:

Gokak Kardant, Kunda, Vada Pav, Agra Petha, Bijapur Umadi Chatni, Ghee Jalebi, Alnavar Pan Vida, Kadi Khicdai, Shahpur Kachori, Dal Bhati, Bausingh thakur Pedha, Ulhasnagar Pani Puri, Kolhapuri Misal, Savnoor Khara, Benne dosa, Ghee pohe, Rajabhau Bhel.

How to reach there:

One can reach the venue by taking the Maj.Ramaswamy avenue also known as Kagal Hospital road or Nanawadi cross (the road next to Pop in pond). Then take a left at the Raigarh Gate and climb uphill towards Desai Farm and a little further after the Mahadev Dutt mandir the Kite Festival grounds.

Distance from Congress road would be approximately 2.75 kms.


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