Sunday Lockdown: Saturday evening 8 PM to Monday 5 AM strict curfew

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The Sunday LockDown would commence from Saturday 8 PM to Monday 5 AM. Strict enforcement of the same would be done by the police.

Anyone loitering around would be booked under the Disaster management act 2005 and the vehicles would be seized.

Every day, night curfew orders are implemented in the city between 8 pm and 5 am. Since Sunday is a full lockdown day, restrictions will begin at 8 pm on Saturday and end at 5 am on Monday.

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The public should not come out unnecessarily. If people are roaming in vehicles, the police shall seize the rides, and owners will have to approach the court later to get them released.

All shops would be closed except those for emergencies such as Medicines and essentials. Milk would be available in the morning. However, a complete list of Essentials is not published hence all those who want to buy anything please do it today before 7 PM as most shops start to close by then.


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