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Suresh Angadi bounces back on Feroz Sait’s comment

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angadi belgaumMP Suresh Angadi in response to the comment Send Suresh to sit in Angadi has reacted by commenting on as follows:

Reaction to comments made by Sri Feroz Sait, MLA Belgaum(North)

1) Failure of Bharat Nirman Rally by Congress party in Belgaum and the attack Sri Feroz Sait, Hon’ MLA Belgaum (North) most unfortunate. During the last two terms as Member of Parliament the following works are executed for the development of Belgaum constituency.

a) Suvarna Soudha was established by the then Chief Minister of Karntaka, Sri B.S. Yadiyurappa at the cost of 400 crores.

b) A huge Ambedkar Bhavan for the benefit of Scheduled Caste was constructed in the city which, the Congress Party couldn’t do in the last 60 years of its Governance.
c) A monument was constructed in reverence of Mate “Gangambika, honoured spouse of 12th century great social reformer Lord Sri. Basaveshwar, across Malaprabha River near MK Hubli of Belgaum District.

d) City was educationally developed with the establishment of Rani channamma University.

e) Also Kendriya Vidyalaya No.3, in Belgaum was obtained sanction from the Central Government where in Thousands of student are now standing educationally benefitted.

f) Under Special fund of Rs. 100 Crore to the City Corporation, by the then BJP Government in the state Belgaum City received a beautiful facelift.

2) Several layouts of his (Mr. Sait MLA) were developed in the city during the BJP Government in the state. In fact, Mr. Sait should thank the BJP. The new Central Bus Stand is not allowed to be constructed which comes under sitting MLA constituency for the reasons best know to him.

3) No Politicians speak against the Indian army. We respect integrity. I, for my self, have never worked for shifting of its firing range. The Government of Karnataka has added in which 9 village farmers are benefitted. My Engineering college is constructed in due followance of Law.
Why Mr. Sait, is speaking against the Army, which country or community he wants to please the reasons are best known to him. I offer, no comments on this matter. Besides, May I know, as to why he doesn’t speak the word on Association alike, “Campus front”.


4 thoughts on “Suresh Angadi bounces back on Feroz Sait’s comment”

  1. what sait knows about politics? he is fit for the job of truck cleaner,he survives in cong is just bcoz he is muslim,& even rahul has rallies only where muslim congress person are there

  2. When you belong to Mr. Modi’s cadre, in the last 10yrs much more was expected with respect to progress & development in line with Gujarat..!

  3. Yes, Congress has been dividing people on Riligion from 1950 from giving Pak and now forming telangana and god knows there would be no brotherhood between Indians if Congress gets elected for long time.

  4. I personally feel Mr. Suresh Angadi could have done much better with 2 stints as MP. He had promised to make Belgaum ‘Baramati’, but sadly not much was accomplished. Belgaumites had a lot of hope from him. The above said developments were the result of collective demands that were pending since decades. Off late he could have brought some good projects with his calibre as MP.Even today all development works relating to North Karnataka stop at Hubli & Belgaum is sidelined in all areas.


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