Surprise visit to Tilakwadi Post office

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The members of the Postal forum led by its President Satish Tendolkar along with Dr.AB Kalkundrikar visited the Tilakwadi Post office at Vaccine Depot and their visit was a great surprise to the staff present there.

postal-fourm-belagaviSpeaking to AAB, Tendolkar said that, they visited the post office after they received repeated complaints about mis behavior and work not done at the post office and mostly from Senior citizens.

It was found that the printer wasnt working for the past 2 months and nothing was done or reported on time about the printer not working.
After the members of the Forum called the technical persons it was fine and running in 5 mins. The members of the postal forum took class of the all the staff members and informed them to be polite to the customers.

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  1. Government departments are curse of life, if you have to get something done from them. Post office was always lesser of the evils but sad to hear the malady has caught up with it also. God help us.


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