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Adam Realty to expand to Goa, Hubli and Kolhapur

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AAB caught up with management team of ADAM Realty (, the developers of Bella Vista, Belgaum’s premier housing community, specifically with Raj Bhandari – ADAM’s founder and MD, Parag Saraiya – Director , and Glenn Bond – Construction Head, to understand the journey ADAM Realty and Bella Vista has taken during last 4 years.adam

AAB: Can you take us through the journey of Adam Realty in Belgaum so far?

Raj Bhandari: ADAM started with a single vision “To provide international quality residences in Tier II-III markets”. Given our team’s experience building world-class projects, I was confident that we can do the same in Belgaum. But we needed the right location. And we found that in Nanawadi – a 9 acre site barely 1.5 km away from Railway station, yet literally tucked in all sides by greenery and “beautiful views” ( “Bella Vista’ in Spanish, and thus the name of our project). The best part is that even as the city grows, this site will remain green and peaceful. This is almost never the case. In fact, the dozens of bird species that visit Bella Vista today will continue to do so. We have not only taken all utilities including electrical wires underground but are also putting in place a lush landscape of trees, flowers, and water bodies.

Parag Saraiya: Our outstanding team has so far delivered nearly 50,000 SF. Families living there, some for nearly 2 years now tell us that these are some of the finest homes anywhere. This of course is satisfying. We will be delivering close to 2 Lac SF this year representing nearly 100 apartments of 850 SF to 4000 SF. An additional 100 flats and bungalows will be delivered over the next three years.adam1

AAB: What makes ADAM homes different? Please give us some specifics.

Raj Bhandari: It is many things. First and foremost is the location as described above. Then we take a lot of effort with our designs. Our in-house architects and engineers work closely with our outside architects and consultants for months at end before we finalize them. Then we designed out structures to better withstand an earthquake, which substantially adds to the cost and complexity, but given that Belgaum is in a high risk zone 3 we think this is important. I am not sure if this is done in all buildings. We have also used post-tension technology to install some slabs. This is new to India, but our engineers have experience with them in the United States.

Then we source some of the finest materials, a lot of which was never before used in Belgaum. Some was not even available in India. We also had to import tools and train our labor to use new tools and methods. This was probably the hardest part.

But a nice house is much more than the location, design and technology. Club Bella (Club House at Bella Vista) and amenities will provide in excess of 25,000 SF of swimming pool, gymnasium, exercise and yoga room, game rooms, children’s playground, outdoor play areas, convenience store, business center and more. We also plan “Lifestyle Events” for all age groups that allow home owners to participate in arts, sports, travel, charitable, social and business activities and networking.

We recently created “ADAM Interiors” specifically to provide full interior design and services to our residents. In doing so, we are again bringing new designs, materials and technology never seen before in Belgaum, using a host of vendors from Belgaum and outside as well as exclusive dealership with many suppliers. Best of all, residents can have these interiors in place as their homes get completed, which saves a lot of time and money and provides better quality compared to the traditional method of doing interiors after the home is built.

We also have started “ADAM Property Management”. This is to provide full property management services that not only include security and infrastructure maintenance of Bella Vista but also services to individual homes including repairs, cleaning, and rental management. Our senior team has experience managing some of the finest projects including 5-star hotels.

We are also launching Bella Vista in Goa, Hubli and Kolhapur. All will have similar characteristics as the one in Belgaum – outstanding location, excellent designs, state-of-the art materials and infrastructure, and premier management and homeowner services. All Bella Vista homeowners will be able to use the Clubs and amenities at other Bella Vistas, giving them a home away from home when they travel.

So you can see that the entire home-building and home-living experience we are creating is very different than the traditional way, not just in Belgaum, but in India. For many busy families as well as NRIs who will be staying at Bella Vista, this is a world of a difference.

AAB: Any comments on AAB?

Raj Bhandari: As an NRI I could say that AllAboutBelgaum is a very timely and relevant source of latest news and events, much of which is not covered or accessible elsewhere. I can see why the followers of AAB has grown over the years. I also appreciate the speed with which AAB has adapted to new technology platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Apps. AAB is our eyes and ears in Belgaum and I wish team AAB the very best. Belgaum really needs platform like AAB.

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