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I am Belagavi aka Belgaum aka Belgaum

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by Sameer Majli

This is my Story, Our Story, maybe the Story of our World

It Starts:

Greetings to those who have ventured to take time off to sneak a peek at my first effort to speak out. I was a town and am now a city but that just doesn’t change the fact that grammarians would still consider me an inanimate entity. Thanks again because after all, in the midst of a busy life, who would really find time to listen to the words that are expressions of a simple entity like me.

Morning in Belagavi
Photo :Arun Yallurkar

I am Belagavi…they just gave me this name. Some call me Belgaum and some Belgao. Historically I was known as Venugram although the ‘Venu’ or Bamboo from which I got my name, is now largely diminished. But then, What’s in a name!! I still am what I have been, a trusted residence for all those that choose to make me their place to reside. From humble beginnings as a quiet little town to the present day city bustling with life, maybe I have come a long way but it is still the good old me with the best intentions to make life of a living for my inhabitants.

One request to the readers, one plea right at the beginning of this little effort of mine. Do pardon my explicitness and truthful expression. I am just trying to make the best of this opportunity that I have provided for myself. Its not often that I get to tell the tale and that too, in the way I want it to be told. This is not a script of compliant and the intention is not to hurt the feelings of the lovely humans who have made me home (it would be totally uncourteous if I did so) but then I am just trying to make the best use of this canvas to paint the picture the way I see it. If in this attempt, you do find my writing to be a bit the way you would like to put it, then do let me know.

Photo by Shivani Khapre: A scene near Belgaum
Photo by Shivani Khapre: A scene near Belgaum

Mother Nature has been kind enough to bestow upon me a perfect balance of her elements and hence despite my location being in proximity to the warmer zones on the planet I seem to pack a near perfect weather. My moderateness makes me a good habitat and I do strive hard to live up to my reputation despite the ravages of the so-called advancements of modern times. The globe overall has climbed a few degrees in terms of the Mercury thread and so have I but I do manage to stay a touch below on the Celsius scale as compared to my kith and kin around. I used to be a poor man’s hill station and with time the fans and air conditioners have made their presence, yet, I believe that I am better off than other larger cities around me and have learnt to find solace in this observation. Just like my human occupants, I have learnt to measure my excellence in relativity.

I do like to join the elders in town often reminisce my old glory when everything was predictable; all the seasons happened in time and the overlap amongst them was minimal. Now with the vegetation around being compromised to make way for human settlements, industry and paths for humans to travel around, the transformation is quite dramatic and I often end up confused as to what season I am living in. The Rain Gods make their presence more often than necessary, apart from their usual times and the thunder they pack has also increased. Not so pleasing for the crop and the fruits who in the midst of their struggle to provide for human existence have to bear the brunt of these irregularities but then, we are all learning to take things in a stride. After all, we are just providing for this wonderful being “The Homo Sapien” who has chosen to bend and break the norms of nature for the sake of convenience; after all, he/she is supposedly a self assumed “Supreme Being”.diwali-belgaum

This is just the beginning of my story or rather our story and I dedicate it to all of you who would opt to lend an ear to my sincere attempt at providing a vent to the thoughts that have been on my mind for a real long time. While I gather my thoughts and find words that would best express my feelings and concerns, I hope you have a wonderful time, a wonderful life and a wonderful reading experience.

The author Sameer Majli is Training & Development Officer, KLE Society and Chief Mentor at Stratmen Solutions and can be contacted at [email protected]

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  1. Nice one Sameer Majli Sir, In between we should open a public debate about this and create a page for people who are interested can join in and pop their ideas.

  2. Nicely written. I have a suggestion to get more good comments if you don`t mind, make the words easier to the readers, so all can understand- Entity (Object) Diminished (Reduced) Bustling (Busy) Plea (Appeal) Explicit (clear) Bestow (Give) Proximity (Closeness) Strive (struggle) Ravages (Effect) Advancements (Progresses) Kin (Families) Solace (Comfort) Reminisce (recall) Stride (Step) Norms( Standards) Supposedly (Actually) Opt (choose) Vent (Opening)


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