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Suvarna Soudha will be ready bu Aug 15

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Chairman of Legislative Assembly, K. G. Bopaiah was here to visit and inspect the work of the Suvarna Soudha at Halga. A new deadline of August 15 has been set and hopefully a legislature session is planned for the year end.03

But will the work complete is the biggest question. Still major works and interiors have to be completed which hardly would complete by August. All the work except that of the dome are expected to be completed by August 15, while the work on the dome would be completed by November-end this year.SuvaranaSoudha

Rs 186 crores has already been spent on the works carried out on the structure, out of the total budget of Rs 370 crores (as against the initial estimated cost of Rs. 230 crore). 270 crores would at least be spent only on the civil works.

Earlier BSYeduraapa in his visit to Belgaum had stated that the Soudha would be ready bu July.


12 thoughts on “Suvarna Soudha will be ready bu Aug 15”

  1. again this time they failed to meet the deadline.hopefully even they wil not meet august deadline also coz alot of civil and interior work is pending.hence suvarna soudha is still dream for us.

  2. What is the purpose of this Big Building (Big Investment) ? Any idea…. What good it will do to the people of Belgaum other than Jacking up the Rates of Land in the near vicinity of this area.. ?

  3. I Agree with Vineet to some extent!

    Please advice if this building will be holding all Govt. offices? Such big building, if not used in its entirity, will be waste investment.

  4. An investment of Rs 370 crores in industrial sector in Belgaum would have led to lot of employement opportunities directly & inderctly.

  5. Rome was not built in a day, so let's wait for the building to finish I am sure it will be a feather in cap for our city.
    the same was said when Twin towers were built in New york.
    whether Suvarna Soudha is there or not land rates in belgaum were already made high by builder and agents.
    atleast belgaum will be in news for good or bad when our elected representatives will fight in this building.

    • Well projects are based on deadlines, you don’t meet the dates the cost escalates. In the new IT age why do we need such big buildings/offices. In fact the size of offices should shrink as everything will be in soft form.

      The common man contributes to the revenue in the form of tax & spending these funds for non productive activities & further on delaying the projects leading to additional cost is a sin.

  6. Belagavi is second capital of karnataka guys…We should feel proud that the great "Suvarna Soudha" is built in Belagavi ..So no need to discuss more ….I hope there will be lot more development activities coming.

    • What is this assurance that there will be more development activities, we have been hearing this from last 40 years but nothing concrete has happened. Well it is Belgaum & not Belagavi, the label 2nd capital is your own created.

    • What is positive about this. Rs 370 crores will be spent for non productive work is it a positive work. May be your definition of positive is something else. Forget getting highlighted in the world, in mere Karnataka people will talk about this for a while & then forget it.


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