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Suvarna Vidhan Soudha which looks like an ancient monument

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Ashok Chandargi, social worker, senior freelance journalist and president of the Belagavi District Kannada Organisations Action Committee speaks about the current situation of the Suvarna Vidhan Soudha which looks like an ancient monument. The White Elephant has turned green now.

In October 2012 teh same was inaugurated.

B G Shirke group has built this structure. The firm deployed 1,400 laborers and 36 engineers for the Soudha work. White stones required for the building work were brought from Hesaraghatta in Bangalore, Ornamental stone has been used in the construction of the Soudha, with skilled workers brought in from Tamil Nadu. The mammoth pillars, upto 20 metres in height, required specialized centring works.

The Suvarna Soudha is a three-floored structure spread over 16,138 sq.m and consists of an Assembly hall that seats 300, a Council hall for 100 members, a 450-seat auditorium, 38 ministerial chambers and 14 meeting halls.

This structure, is a 3 floored building including basement and ground floor. Building measures 150.15 feet 107.25 meter, total area 60298 square meter. Height is 22 meter. This building has an assembly hall, with seating arrangement for 300 people. Central hall 450, Council hall 100, banquet hall 500, conference hall 350 – people seating facility.

4 thoughts on “Suvarna Vidhan Soudha which looks like an ancient monument”

  1. Ideal building setup for a premiere educational institution, or a set of institutions..
    Why not convert it into an educational institution, if it’s decided no more sessions will happen here..

  2. Suvarna Vidhan Soudha was supposed to meet the hope & aspirations of people of Northern Karnataka. For the name sake the sessions were held which were marred by protests either by Farmers, weavers, Doctors, etc. with no beneficial discussions & relief to

    Can the Govt. take a call and meaningfully discuss the burning issues of North Karnataka.
    Like Upper Krishna Project, Developing Software park in Desur (BGM), Irrigation project of Kalsa Banduri, Land acquisition for RCU, Sugar cane growers problems, pending irrigation projects. etc.

  3. No Person will come and wash our home…

    So Can we have this plan:

    All MLA, MLC and MP belonging to Belgavi District start working once in week from Suvarna Vidhan Soudha Belgavi

    You all can have your Home office or Constituency office, but you should be available for Public Address also in this office once in a week.

    1. And Every month one day Belgavi District MLA, MLC and MP meet under one roof same time, same day and discuss the changeless and development work at the same time.
    2. Even ZP’s and TP’s can be present from all over the district during this time, if required.

    And for please dont bring Party specific or religion hear….


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