Suz airlines academy booked for fraud


The top brass of of Suz airlines academy Khanapur Road Tilakwadi Belgaum were arrested and have been slapped with a criminal case for allegedly defrauding the youth on the promise of getting them a ‘bright’ job.

A case has been registered by the Tilakwadi police station.

The owner of the academy Susan Nair took Rs.2 lakh each from students and promised them good jobs in airlines. But for the past two years the students who had paid did not get any jobs. 21 people have complained against the same. The police are investigating the matter.  Three people have been detained for further investigations.


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  1. I totally agree with Anvith K.S. in regard with all the comments. There was one more institute in Belgaum in RPD cross which was run by Mr. A K Verma, which was proved as fake and was closed within 6 months.
    Dear students being a pilot i would advice you to be away from these kind of institutes, if you really want to become a pilot then contact the flying schools directly not these agents. Nowadays getting job in an airline is not easy, be matured and stop paying money to these agents.

  2. Well all the comments in support seem to have originated within 1 minute of each other, and have almost a similar outline. Looks like someone is trying very hard to cover up. Dunno the details about the institute so I will not comment on its veracity, but if a criminal case has been lodged, then there must be some basis for the police to do so.

  3. Well Well Well, I agree on Kapil and Prasad, This institute is a scam, it has no web page when googled (the so called Airhostess/Stewardess training programme), It has no head or tail to provide anything regarding anything. Its like open a training institute, lure innocent students , I know these are the same two couples who were in HTS BPO, G5 solutions, Have heard alot about those couple, alot..
    This institution suz academy is not trust worthy, and I am wondering who are commenting so much in support of them or are they creating fake id's and commenting on different names to their support!!!!
    Police Should Investigate throughly and get the facts, may be more scam would unearth from these couple.

  4. Hello boss, suz academy was a fake and will be fake forever, dont try to hide the facts. we know the owners personally, who give 100% job guarantee to all the students even though they are not capable.

  5. Hi Parshwanath here.It seems to be the gau-sip of the week.Academy has all the proof regarding all the students.If the students are not ready to go to the job provided to them than what should the academy do.They cant drag them to the job provided to them.If the students are placing the complaint in the station than it is not the institute mistake.Students don't know in how big trouble they are .They are just following somebody.

  6. Hi my name is Prashant I'm Student of Suz Academy and according to me suz academy is one of the best institute in Karnataka it provides best training and also placements as we had seen the students placement in the good organisation.And also,I improved a lot in each and every aspects.I know how ,I was and how ,I'm today,This is all cos of suz academy.I'm really thankful to this institute i'll never forget these people in my life

  7. many of my friends are studying in tis academy and i know that they have taken a correct decision…. i will want the academy to start again so that they are nt stuct in achieving their goals,,,, i will support suz.

  8. there are many upcoming companies if we tag them all as fraud. i dont think there would be any change in the status of belgaum. allow the couple to work for the benefit of the children. there are not doing any fauls job. i will definately ask all my friends to stand up for suz academy..

  9. i believe,, tat the academy is not at all a fraud, its always not that d academy is cud b dat d students ter might has put a false information on the station.i dont agree 4 the statement to be true in any sense.
    the owner themselves are quite capable and dey make d unworty ppl capable 0f d designation asigned to them… never take any judgement by just looking at one face of the coin… i will stand up on the part of susan nair. i believe they r not wrong.

  10. Hi my name is Gurunath K More . I'm student of Suz Academy and I 'm writing this blog because I personally think this academy is not fake because our MD has treated and still treating us as their own family they are like my father and mother. And apart from this they have all the proof like registration certificate and all the documents . This is the false complaint registered against the academy.

  11. "Susan Nair" seems malayalee came to BGM and duped wannabee pilots who may not be even capable of becoming ground handling staff at airport. There are so many cases in other town but still people get bullied by these fake academies. why did they wait for 2 years, they should have got some hint after 2-3 month. The fault is also of those who paid 2 lakhs. when they paid such amount they should have taken care to find more details of this academy which obviously they did not do.
    Such duping incidents like chit funds/selling cheap lands/academy/institutes happen mostly in so called posh area where people have money but no time to verify background of companies and no brain to understand it

    • should i say my dear friend kapil has personally met or been to susan nair academy.Hearing is always not believing,seeing is believing.I Manveen Singh have been a student of suz academy and what knowledge and experience i gained through it i have no words.i did get job placement but due to my family i couldn’t join dear friend how you could comment on suz academy without knowing them.Suz academy is one such academy which tries to instill the best in the student and help them move further according to their capabilities.The unfortunate incident which occured with this academy is baseless and i would say who ever has done it is the cheap way and played a dirty game or is having some sort of grudge and jealousy that how could suz academy make a name in short span of time.i would suggest all the blog writers and readers not to personally comment without knowing through and through.

    • Hi Kapil my name is rohit . please dont blame anyone without seeing any documents their registration certificate . I met the students of the academy who got the job. As I 'm staying in Belgaum. I cant understand you are the educated guy and How could you comment on such things as they are fake.

    • Hi kapil Anand here how could you say that this kind of academies are fake if so than why not "Jet India". Than the police inquiry should be done on them too.There are more than 100 students studying over there. Please let me know about this . Please discuss about this to a matured person and please let me know


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