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Belgaum city population under 5 lakhs

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The Census 2011 Urban agglomeration and cities – provisional population totals  data has been released and the growth of Belgaum is not in tune with other cities in the state.

Belgaum (Municipal Corporation area) population is 488292 and the Belgaum UA(Urban Agglomerations) population is 610189.

The Belgaum UA(Urban Agglomerations) constituents of Belgaum (M Corp.), Goundawad (Part) Shindoli (Part), Belgaum Cantonment, Kakati, Hindalgi, Kangrali (BK), Kangrali, Mutga, Benakanahalli, Peeranwadi, Machche.

Belgaum city, which was projected as the second capital of the State in the recent years, has witnessed a decline in its population by 18,000 in the last one decade.bgm population

Hubli-Dharwad has added just 1.57 lakh to its population during the last decade.

In Karnataka the UA in terms of population:


Mysore UA

Hubli-Dharwad (M Corp.)

Mangalore UA

Belgaum UA

The growth of Bangalore has been exponential and in the past decade Bangalore added  57.01 lakh people.


12 thoughts on “Belgaum city population under 5 lakhs”

  1. Mass Migration, any graduate passing out from any stream is either moving to Bangalore or Pune as those cities have opportunites and give salaries nearing and above 3+ an annum, and as they settle down there, their folks too move to those cities. So the only way is to either create huge employment (white collar jobs) or see more migration in coming years in tier 2 cities, ten years back I used to meet 10's of friends and families in Belgaum, now too I meet them, but in Bangalore.

  2. I am not surprised by the numbers. Hardly 5-6 of my classmates are in Belgaum now. I am settled in Bengaluru. Lack of opportunities is the reason.

  3. Majority of the population in ITBPO in Bangalore comes from NK (BGM & HubliDwd). So, as jobs take teh young populace to this city, their parents also move to this city. Hence, reduction in tier 2 city population and increase in Blore polpulation. Per TOI – Marwari migrated population is over 10L and Bong migrated population is over 6L. So, obviously the blore is growing.

  4. The following factors have retarded the growth of belgaum:-

    – Major Reason is the unresolved Border Dispute.Being declared as the second capital of karnataka, The growth should have been at a greater rate.

    – Exploitation of labour. The factory/firm/workshop owners know the weakness of the people working and hence this problem.

    – Inadequate aceess to the city by Air & Rail. Train ply only towards South & limited parts of North and Western India.As regards the AIr services it is only Mumbai as against the minimum requirement of Hyderabad,Bangalore & Goa in addition to Mumbai.

    – Lack of propaganda and awarness of Belgaum city by the state Government for strting Plants ,Units,Industries.

  5. Agree with most comments here the population may have reduced due to lack of good job opportunities and salaries. today's educated youth are interested in having good job and salary and not in border dispute which is used by politcian for their own gains.
    Many of us know that no industries will come and setup there shops in belgaum unless we have good infrastructure which may take another generation of 20-25 years since the corporator,mayor,commissionar or MP/MLA have no time to think of development as they are busy playing with the emotions of people based on language.
    just open any marathi or kannada daily and they print only hatered against each other without naming anyone.
    despite being known as the second capital of karnataka and as per previous post being the second larget revenue generator after b'lore the developement is not seen. the only people benefited are the land agents who sell land without NA for price at which yuo can buy at 2bhk apartments in pune or b'lore.

  6. what do you think is the percentage of youth population of Belgaum city. The figure should include all the students from other places who reside in Belgaum city for their education.

  7. ya true.. ,But Im vry hppy dat growth rate of HBL-DWD is rapidly increasing as the population of twin cities is crssd 12 lakh.I expct it may around 20 lakh in 2021.As the twin city is second biggest city in karnataka and H-D muncipl crprtion is second biggest city carporation aftr b’lore


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